Boycott Both Political Conventions

August/22/2008 22:37PM
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The upcoming political conventions are a symptom of what’s wrong with our country. The security “situation room” for the Democratic Convention involves 62 separate government agencies. Can you imagine what the management of that is like? And, the cost?

We are collectively angry at everything from Washington these days. But, we will sit our little butts down and drink in all the theater of the pompous asses who will speak. They and their staffs have spent untold hours putting these shows together. What if no one watched? All the major networks will have spent millions of dollars. All the sponsors will have spent millions of dollars. It’s our chance to tell our elected officials that we are tired of the perpetual campaign. We want our elected officials to do some real work. We don’t want any more expensive boondoggles. We can tell the media they don’t control our thoughts any more. We can use this as the first step in getting change. Not Obama change but real change. 

The do nothing congress will strut and lie about all the things they have done and plan to do for us. The speeches that have been so carefully crafted to be absolutely politically correct will say nothing. The speakers will read from teleprompters. I can even look good giving a speech with a teleprompter. You have one on your left and one on your right and you can look back and forth and read as it scrolls. Actually, a monkey can do it. Bush can’t but a monkey could. 

Congress went on vacation and did nothing about all the problems we are facing. It was an insult. By tuning them out we can show them how we feel about that. Until we go on the offense and continue to lap up the crap like the hourly suspense about the V.P. candidates we are encouraging no progress. Until we say get off your rear and do some real work, we will get nothing done. This congress did less than any in the history of our nation the last two years and now they want to strut like roosters and have you watch. 

Watch if you will but I intend to watch not. I refuse to watch one minute of the P.T. Barnum shows. There’s one born every minute. Be one if you choose, but not me. The snake oil isn’t playing here anymore.

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Comments (3)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    You are probably right to not watch the conventions, but just think how much material you’ll be giving up for your blog space. That is why I am going to probably watch them, because I would like to see and hope the Clintons take over the proceedings, especially now that Obama has probably sealed the deal for the Republicans by appointing Biden on the ticket. If for nothing else, it should be pretty comical and provide Fox News and a number of other conservatives with great talking points.

    Obama’s first decision as the presumptive candidate should turn out to be his last decision. The Clinton democrats are not very happy and think McCain should do pretty well, unless he totally screws up with his selection for VP.

    I had dinner with my sister and her husband, who are both democrats and Hillary supporters and who are now voting for McCain and think we are going to see more defections over the next 2 months.

  2. bill robertson says:


    Watch if you will, but I refuse. The dolts need to go to work and stop the whole carival act. I’m sick and tired of watching the bufoonery and will survive nicely the next two weeks without it. The country is sick and we have ourselves to blame for groveling in this crap.


  3. gcn888 says:


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