Bob Costas- Stick to Sports Please

August/12/2008 1:07AM
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The little weasel Bob Costas shows NBC’s agenda. He has Bush on as a guest at the Olympics. Does he stick to sports? No. He wants to grill Bush on why we are supporting China with their human rights issues. He even gets into Putin and Russia and their issues with Georgia. 

Costas shows he’s the little shit that got his butt kicked every day on the playground and probably washed the jocks as a team trainer, now he’s trying to throw hard balls at the President of the United States and politicize the Olympics. Bobby ,remember when you ran home crying when the playground bully gave you another wedgie? Well, I have news for you. China is the new playground bully and we are the one-time big dog with very few teeth left and not much of a bark. It’s time for you and we to shut up and let China run their big show in Beijing. You do the sporting events with your usual whiny assed spiel. 

Leave the diplomacy to the diplomats. Leave your left wing liberal network to do that stuff everyday as they suck up to Obama. I have a feeling the ratings for this Olympics will be a record low, just as the news shows and the rest of the work NBC does. GE may wake up and fire you with the lot of the idiots who run your network. 

In the meantime, just read the teleprompter. Remember to put your mike on which you didn’t do on opening night. On second thought, just leave it off. 

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I watched the same interview with Bush and Costas and asked the same question? What in the hell does politics and Russia have to do with the Olympics?

    Bush made his comments known about China’s human rights issues and spoke to Putin, but NBC to decide to bring the President in to ask him about political issues during the games, was inappropriate and was only done because they thought they had a world stage watching them trying to put Bush on the spot.

    I had mixed emotions about Bush attending the games, but think it was good for him to make an appearance and support our teams. Now that he’s back home, I would like for him to get back to business and use his power as president and call Congress back into session to force a vote on the energy bill. He has that power to bring congress back and just wish he would exercise it.

    Costas should have asked Bush what he thought about Obama now consulting with and getting tips from Clooney on how to act presidential and also providing him with his views on foreign policy.

    It’s hard to believe some people don’t get it. Obama is nothing with out his speech writers, liberal actor Hollywood pals and his teleprompter.

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