Laundry List of Things That Are Stealing Our Future

July/06/2008 2:32AM
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If you can say it in a word or two, it’s clearer and takes less time to read. Connect the dots, prioritize the list, add your items, flesh out the thoughts. These are my laundry list of destructive influences on our future in the U.S.  Here’s my list:

1. A.C.L.U.

2. Political Correctness

3.Global Warming (green to extreme)

4.Government regulation

6.Legal Illegal Aliens



9. Farm Aid

10.Foreign Aid


12. Secularism

13. U.N.

14.Renewable Energy(False Hope)

15. Liberal Media

16. Hollywood’s Politics

17. Liberal Universities

18. Alterative Lifestyle

19. Islam

20. Internet Porn

21. International Overpopulation

22. Commodity Shortages

23. Value of Dollar

24. National Debt

25. Trade Deficit

26. Prison Overcrowding

27. Sex Offenders

28. National Apathy

29. Corrupt Politicians

30. Outsourcing

31. Troops in ______(Korea, Germany, etc)

32. Family Values(lack of)

33. Significant Other

34. Crime

35. Perversion

36. Obesity

37. Infrastructure deterioration

38. Big Government

39. Personal Liberties(loss of)

40. Nanny Government

41. Income Redistribution

42. Tax and Spend

43. Entitlements

44. Diversity

45. Affirmative Action

46. Race card

47. Class Action

48. Malpractice

49. Political Polling

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Comments (2)

  1. […] Laundry List of Things That Are Stealing Our Future […]

  2. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    I agree with you on 90%, but several items are in wrong position.
    The first 10 or so are correct.
    Now that California Governor Brown has told the truth saying that the world needs to be brainwashed to accept the climate hoopla. We need to raise its position on the list.
    Since your 2008 newsletter I have lost my significant other due to doctor negligence in 2010.
    We both saw our relationship the same as marriage. She was very important in my life.
    I feel that marriage should be left to religious organizations and keep governments out of that part of our lives.
    I have also that whether a person is religious or not religious makes no difference on whether they can look at things with a Conservative or Liberal view.
    I am not overtly religious, but I am very Conservative.
    I hope this gets to you so that you are able to read it.

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