Boycott Network News Next Week (Make a Change, Part 2)

July/20/2008 2:29AM
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The three network new anchors are traveling to the Middle East next week to follow Obama. They want to spin the country to influence the election. This is an absolute disgrace. They just don’t get it. They can’t help themselves. All three networks are losing ratings. The LA Times is laying off people as is their parent, the Chicago Tribune. The country has just about had enough of the blatant preference of the media for the liberal bent.

This is another opportunity to hit them where it hurts, in the pocketbook. E-mail everyone on your address list to do the same. Give them a clear message about how we feel. McCain has been there three times and no anchor has carried his bags. 

These are the people who are supposed to report the news, not shape opinion. Let them know you’ve had enough.

Last week, the Reverend Al Gore gave a speech telling us we need to clean up the planet in 10 years. To my knowledge only Fox News showed the man arriving at the site in three limos with one idling for 20 minutes. The man has no shame and no integrity.

We are winning the war in Iraq due to the dedicated men and women who have worked and sacrificed so much to free the good people of Iraq. The networks now turn their guns to Afghanistan since things have heated up there. 

Citizens who are very tired of one-sided new coverage by these idiots can only make a change by getting our news elsewhere. This next week is the time to start.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I have not watched any of the 3 Major Network news stations (ABC, CBS & NBC), including any of their affiliates or Local news for at least the past 9 months. I have also stopped reading the Chicago Tribune, but Jodi still gets it for some info she wants. It is very clear to me that these establishments are nothing more than Liberal talking heads and for some reason, they have forgotten that they are here to Report the News, Not make it or shape it to suite their Liberal persuasions.

    I want the news to be presented to me with out their biased spin and opinions so I can make my own decisions based on the facts of the story. You can’t get that from the Networks, because they are only going to cover and give you what they want you to hear. This is why I have gone to FOX News, who provides me with fair and balanced reporting with no spin or opinion. This is not to say that FOX is perfect, but I find their reporting to be unbiased and they try very hard to give you both sides of the story. Even with shows like Hannity and Colmes, who are total opposites and support different political ideology, at list they give you both sides of the story.

    Barack Obama has finally taken McCain’s suggestion to go and see how the war is coming along, but guess who have decided to go with him? The 3 major Networks, who are going to try and spin this trip into what they want you to believe, Where were they when McCain had gone Iraq several times to see the troops and talk to the ground Commanders? They were no wear to be found except to report some of McCain’s misspoken words. For the next several days, Obama’s visit will be the lead story on all the Networks and will be filled with praise for their candidate.

    It’s time you all think very carefully about what you read, hear and listen to, because there is another side to the story and if you’re only listening to the Networks, you can be assured you are only getting what they want you to hear, which is their Liberal bias.

    Use your brain and make up your own minds, not some Liberal talking Head.

  2. bill robertson says:

    Amen, Ken.


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