America on Suicide Watch

July/27/2008 2:10AM
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We, in America, are trying out level best to kill this country and all it represents. We are drowning in shallow water. I have heard that the turkey is the only creature in nature that will commit suicide, except humans. We need to make the turkey our National Symbol replacing the eagle. 

While the rest of the world watches and laughs, we are bleeding out. We, the people ,know it. But we are going to watch and let it happen. We feel it is out of our control.

Why is this happening? Some say misuse of power. Some say greed. Some say apathy. Some say arrogance. Some just say Bush. I say we have lost all common sense.

We watch our homes halve in value. Yawn. We watch our investments drop. Yawn. We watch the financial sector become over 20% of the GDP and manufacturing drop to less than 12% Yawn. We watch two men who have absolutely no platform to fix these problems battle to get the job to fix them. Yawn. We watch gas prices flirt with $5. Yawn. We watch unemployment go up and up. Yawn. We watch the value of the dollar go down. Yawn.

Where did our march to suicide begin? It began twenty years ago. Day in and day out the media fed us baloney. We signed on to fix the planet and destroy ourselves in the process. The most dangerous man in America is Al Gore. He’s the very one who will take us off life support and then move elsewhere. His message, plainly and simply will be what does us in. 

Here’s some common sense. If you take this pill and give one to all your friends we may save the country. We are running out of energy and there is nothing, I repeat, nothing that will save us if we don’t start today to fix this problem.  There is no non-fossil, renewable magic elixir on the horizon to bail us out. You want to put your eggs in that basket, just take out the gun and make it quick for the good old USA because slow isn’t going to be humane. We will give our last dollar to some nice country like Iran for our last barrel of oil. While we are doing it we will be sitting on several options we could have taken, but we ran out of time and money.  Uranium, got plenty in West Virginia. Coal, most is the world. Oil, more than enough for the next several years. Natural gas, lots. Why did we sit on all these options and let the country die? 

Because Al Gore, Hollywood, the media, and most in Washington convinced us it was more noble to save the planet 30 years from now than to save our country today. If you’ve got a lick of common sense and you believe this, you are a turkey. Like a turkey, you just sit in that tree when the cold winds blow and die of exposure when all you had to do was jump down on the ground and take cover.. 

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