ABC’s Nightline Asks the Big Question

July/29/2008 3:56AM
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Not content with stopping all energy production in this country dead in it’s tracks, Nightline makes a big road trip to Canada. After dwelling on the environmental and social impacts of the tar sands production, which is making the Loon par with the Dollar and supplying us enough oil to keep us below $7 a gallon, Nightline asked the “big question”.

“Look at this mess, you aren’t keeping your promise to the world to reduce emissions, why don’t you just stop”. 

Maybe this is the answer. Send our socialistic liberal unrealistic dumb media clowns out on the road to import stupidity to other countries. It won’t work, but it might keep them busy enough for us to forget their message. WHY DON’T YOU JUST STOP. That’s what we’ve done. STOP. We’ve stopped any form of energy production, permits and restrictions have halted new manufacturing, regulations and taxation have send manufacturing off site, and soon the work on speculation will send that business to London or Dubai. WE HAVE STOPPED. 

It’s so simple. Nightline made it easy to understand. The Canadians were polite, but basically said ” why don’t you take your dumb ass back to America and keep them occupied doing nothing so we can overtake them economically and look down our nose at you for a few hundred years.” It’s our turn.

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