McCain Energy VS. Obama Energy Policy

June/07/2008 0:55AM
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No difference. McCain wants a mad scientist in a lab to come up with something. McCain wants to go after Big Oil. McCain puts no credence in fossil fuels. McCain will change our energy strategy. Yes, he will make it worse. McCain wants cap and trade. And unfortunately, McCain is just marginally better on the podium than Bush. There is absolutely no hope for McCain or the Republican Party in the November election. Senator McCain will take the whole group down and destroy the brand. Destroy it for good. In a debate it will be like a high school team taking on the NY Giants. Obama will stomp him into the ground. McCain is Obama light. Obama is the most liberal democrat and McCain is the most liberal republican. Bobby Jihndal, governor of Louisiana may be the only hope for McCain and the party. As a V.P. he might help McCain. But, will he be the candidate? Probably not.

The election was lost when McCain didn’t choose to grab the energy advantage. This pivotal decision will insure defeat. If McCain and his team are not smart enough to seize this option it’s probably best he not be president. McCain talks about the change he has brought to Washington. When it’s time to flesh that out, it will be sparse. Obama will kill him on his key message. His record is not worthy of mention.

The changes we need to make will not come from the top. They will have to come from the bottom. We will need to get all the disenfranchised Americans mobilized to force change. The change will no be what Washington does, but from undoing what they have done and curtailing what they plan to do. We need to eliminate all the restrictions put on domestic energy production despite the reluctance of McCain to adopt this platform. We need to convince the other republicans who are running to part company with McCain on this and other issues that will insure McCain’s defeat. If we get enough of them convinced they will lose if they don’t, maybe we can push progress.  

Today I sent the open letter to McCain from an earlier entry to the Republican National Committee, 310 First St. Washington, D.C. 20003. If you agree, copy my letter and send it with your comments. Maybe, just maybe, when the polls show in two months that McCain is 20% behind Obama someone in McCain’s camp will listen. I got my umpteenth e-mail campaign contribution request from McCain. He wants money but no feedback. Too busy with his high paid consultants who are taking him down the road to ruin to hear from me. Maybe before it all goes up in smoke the party will tell him he can’t destroy the party by being stubborn.  

Cap and Trade went down in flames today. Why? Harry Reid put it forward and even the democratic senators decided it was poor timing on a day when the  crude price went up almost $11 a barrel assuring $5 a gallon gasoline by July 4. The truth is the senators were inundated with letters and faxes like mine that went to all 100 senators asking them to use reason on this issue. The country of India announce no intention to ever participate in this idea. Why? They said their economy would not be able to finance it.

Voting for Bob Barr has one benefit. It would send shock waves to congress telling them if they don’t listen to voters they will all be out on their collective asses.

We may have a glimmer of hope. Go to and sign the petition that over 350,000 Americans have signed. If we can get the 3,000,000 that is their next goal, we may even make progress with McCain. If not, it’s Barr for me.

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  1. Ted says:

    Q&A How can McCain SIMULTANEOUSLY attract both Hillary AND Bob Barr voters? Answer: PALIN Veep!

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