McCain Can’t Win

June/15/2008 2:24AM
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Senator McCain has no chance in November. So why is he the Republican candidate? If the senator is the patriot I believe him to be, he should drop out of the race and let the party replace him at the convention. He is 6% behind, and the worst is yet to come.

He can’t run without a platform. His platform is to extend the Bush tax cuts and extend the Bush war. Obama says four more years of Bush and he is absolutely right. If you thought no one could be in politics and look worse behind a podium than George W. Bush, you haven’t been watching McCain. He hasn’t mastered the teleprompter and Obama doesn’t need one. When he stands behind the podium, he disappears. With no movement of the arms that were damaged so badly in the POW camp, you just have a head behind a podium stammering.

He has lost the far right in the party. He has lost those who believe we need to trash global warming and get about the business of using our resources to save our country. He has lost the anti-war people. Who does that leave? I’m not sure but it won’t add up to much. 

How can a political party commit suicide? Easy, just pick the wrong guy with the wrong platform and ideology to run for the top job when everyone else in the party is fighting for their political lives. Congressman John Boehner(R-West Chester) says : "The Democratic Majority’s callous indifference as American families and small businesses struggle with $4 gasoline is both inexcusable and irresponsible. By flatly refusing to schedule votes on the House GOP plan to help reduce fuel costs and achieve energy independence the Democrats in control of Congress are proving themselves complicit in our nations’ energy crisis which is growing worse by the day on their watch." Rep. Mac Thornberry(R-TX) authored legislation called the No More Excuses Energy Act(HR 3089). Rep Tim Walberg(R-MI) put forth a discharge petition to force a vote on this proposal. 

Most Republican candidates are lining up strongly in favor of a platform for the party that pits them against the Democrats on energy issues. These candidates are far smarter than the man they picked to run for president who in very much in favor of global warming and no drilling here. As the party distances itself from the man at the top of the ticket who can support him?

I honestly thought Bush was the worst president since Carter. But, now I believe McCain has the potential to be worse yet. Bush has two major flaws, he can’t speak and he is terminally stubborn. If he could speak he would be stumping for domestic energy to help his party. He has nothing to lose. If he tried he would just make it worse. His stubbornness was borne out when he held onto the idea of leasing our ports to Dubai until the heat was unbearable. Then he hung with Rumsfeld until the party lost the majority in Congress. Now the Republicans up for election see that 57% of Americans want domestic energy production to begin now and that number will contine to grow. McCain, on the other hand, does not see this. Is he devoid of vision or being led by elitists?

If Bush were to debate McCain he would probably win. And, in a stubbornness test, McCain would win.

You had better keep firing off letters to the Republican Committee because McCain will take Big Brown’s Belmont run to a new level. He will set the record for the biggest loss in US election history.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Your blog comments on Friday made me think a little more about “Your Land is My Land”. After researching a little further, I think we are in more trouble than we could have ever imagined. The reality is, “Our Land is Foreign Land” and can bought at any garage sale or local swap meet at discount prices.

    The bad decisions and the lack of Our Congressional leaders to enact policy that would ensure our wellbeing is misguided and misdirected. They have all been preoccupied with debating rather than acting and getting control of our country. Our preoccupation with the election of our next president due to the Iraq War, Global Warming, the failing economy, rising Oil prices and any other number of issues have us in gridlock with no sense of direction or where to focus.

    In addition to the above and while we have been stumbling around, foreign investors have been buying up real estate and a number of our failing companies and they are quickly becoming our Landlords. They will soon be the ones who will shape our government and they will soon be the ones who make certain America no longer leads the free world.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    2 out of 5 Americans think China will be the new world power in 5 years. Congress is going to look into the number of race horses who have died in the past few years. One congressman actually introduced a bill to put seat belts on golf carts. Boy do they have their priorities in order. Reminds me of Amoco just before BP took them over.


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