Ignorance or Arrogance?

June/16/2008 3:11AM
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I have talked to several blue collar workers in the past month who have told me they believe we need to use public lands here to create as much domestic energy as we can as fast as possible. They are worried about their jobs. They are worried about their families. And more than one asked, aren’t public lands ours? Let’s just sue congress to use our own property. Why not? I"m not a lawyer, but I guess a class action lawsuit to use our own property is not out of the question. So, the average American feels we need to use our assets to keep our economy moving in a positive direction. They talk about the dollar, the growing trade deficit, inflation, and unemployment. They know petroleum is more than transportation fuels, it’s part of carpeting, paint, asphalt, everything chemical. They have zero confidence in congress creating clean fuels. They say, heh, oil is $130 a barrel, that’s incentive enough for someone to find alternative fuels without the government being involved.

So, Joe Lunchbucket has a better handle on high gas prices than Sam Senator. I heard a congressman today quoted on CNN saying high gas prices are due to Cheney and Bush having ties to Big Oil. Who is he trying to kid? Another blamed it on the speculators. Another said we have not been able to lower prices even though we have been drilling offshore. How much patronizing are we going to take from these gentlemen before we call their hand. Where are the follow up questions to this drivel?

Am I to believe that elected officials are really telling us what they believe or are they dancing around the truth? Which is worse, a pack of liars or a covey of idiots?

What is the skill set to be a congressman? A degree from an ivy league school helps. A law degree is good. Being able to make speeches is a plus. Drive to get rich while in office is typical. Most important is being a good campaigner. That’s the sum and substance of Obama. Raising money and getting elected. Once, elected get back to work on getting reelected. None of this qualifies anyone to understand complex issues like crude oil supply and demand.

Maybe we need to put Joe Lunchbucket in office and let him deal with energy. Common sense seems to play a big role in getting your head around the idea of using domestic energy in lieu of destroying our economy. If there were a spot market for common sense in Washington it would be priced higher than crude oil. There is so little available it would be considered rare treasure.

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