Gasoline Rationing is Coming

June/21/2008 23:07PM
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Congress is suing OPEC. That should work well. Plus, OPEC is not setting the crude oil price anymore. Congress is whipping Big Oil. This has not worked since 1974. Diane Feinstein actually blamed ENRON. Diane, did anyone tell you ENRON is out of business? Windfall profits tax. Won’t produce a barrel. Cap and trade carbon act, not a barrel. Just higher prices. Is there anything on the drawing board that will help with our energy problem. No, nothing.

If you think your gasoline prices are high now wait a while. Today’s crude run up insures your will pay $5.00 a gallon this summer. Wait, utility bills. Double in the next year.

Your government has dug you a hole that will take 10 years to dig out of. Best case, if we start tomorrow, which we won’t, it’s 10 years. I know you believe in solar and wind. Can you fly a plane on either, no. How about that big Chevron find in the Gulf Coast? The platform went up 3 years ago, not a barrel yet. Nuclear, France gets 70% from nuclear. Old nuclear plants are going out of service in the next few years. Ethanol. You know that story.

Congress is clueless. If you sit down and think about it, you have to come to that conclusion. Sending Bush to beg the Saudi King to produce more oil so the price will go down. Did that do it? Obama telling you to put on a sweater. Didn’t we hear that from Jimmy Carter? Jimmy Carter, that brings me to my subject, gasoline rationing. Soon you will hear that idea coming out of Washington again. It puts the problem back in your lap and out of congress.

Congress will convince themselves that rationing will reduce demand and force the public to drive less, buy smaller cars, and behave in a regulated fashion? Do you want to live in a regulated fashion? When all else fails in our government today, regulate. All else is failing. Mark my word, this debate will be introduced before the end of 2008. When we finally turn our guns on elected officials as the true culprits in our energy mess, they will turn them back on us and compel conservation. It will be your patriotic duty  to give up freedom for the good of the economy. Stand up, salute the flag, and oil that bike.

It’s just the beginning. My grandkids will live in a 1,500 square foot house, maximum. Their flying days will soon be behind them. The diet will be restricted. Energy will take such a big bite out of the budget, it will restrict the standard of living. Rationing will expand beyond gasoline.

Is this how you want to live?

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