Weasel World of 2008

May/30/2008 14:56PM
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What ever happened to John Wayne? He’s sure not alive and well in Washington. Could you imagine John saying: " well, I was in that saloon when the shooting started and I knew a lot of innocent people were getting shot, but I just went along with it. I didn’t shoot anyone, but now I feel bad I didn’t try to stop it." Scott McClellan is no John Wayne. He’s a weasel. Remember John Dean from Watergate. He was a weasel. Remember G. Gordon Liddy. He did the crime and he did the time. He was the last of the John Wayne generation in Washington. Everyone there now is like little Scotty. Just innocent bystanders. Everything that goes wrong is someone else’s fault. It’s the blame game.

Blacks blame whites for everything that goes wrong. Congress blames Big Oil for no rational energy policy. Everyone blames Bush for everything. No senator or congressman who voted to go to war with Iraq ever says, I was in it with him. Every bad employee who gets fired blames someone else. Every celebrity who goes wrong has a sob story. No bad decision ever has an owner. Accountability is a lost art.

Maybe the rules of golf should be written into the constitution. It may be the last bastion of integrity in this country. Example, a PGA tour player who had not won for a long time was leading a tournament. He was having a great round and made another birdie and as he walked off the green he noticed his ball did not have the official PGA mark. He called a tournament official over an pointed it out to him. He was disqualified from the tournament. No one but that player knew he had the problem. It may have cost him a million dollars to point it out.  But, in golf, unlike in Washington, integrity is everything. The professionals are their own referees. It is extremely rare to have any golf professional accused of cheating. When it does happen it’s a stigma they never outlive. Is it any coincidence that Bill Clinton was a notorious cheater at golf.

Zero trust. That’s what it’s getting to with the public and our elected officials. Maybe for all his faults, that’s why we feel we need McCain. He obviously felt his allegiance to this country was worth more pain than most of us would have been willing to tolerate in Viet Nam. McCain would not be likely to cheat at golf. Obama, you make the call. I’ve made mine and I think he makes McClellan look like a choir boy. Senator Clinton, she may be that rare person who has negative integrity. That’s less than zero integrity. She would lie when it’s not necessary. 

Isn’t this a place to start when we talk about change? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear some elected official or appointee stand up and say, "I did it, I messed it up. I’m sorry, but I can’t reverse it, let’s go from here."

Weasels use weasel words. Weasels spin the truth. Weasels blame others. Weasels never, never handle accountability. Weasels dent your car in the parking lot and don’t leave a note. Weasels commit crimes and get off. Weasels put their interests ahead of all others. Weasels in the media give you their version of the news. 

We can’t rid the country of weasels. But, if we elect and reelect them, it’s our problem.  

Go to americansolutions.com and sign the petition to drill here and drill now if you support energy independence. They have over 200,000 signatures. Send this address to all your friends too.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    We are finally getting traction on the Oil issue and believe we are going to make an impact on this coming election. There is a choice and trust the American Public will make the right one.

    No More Weasels…

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    We are gaining traction. The biggest weasel is a senator here in Illinois and we need to gain some traction on him. Get Durbin out in 2008.


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