Two Idiots Discuss U.S. Energy Issues

May/09/2008 0:09AM
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Tonight on Fox News, the so-called balanced news network, Senator McCain and O’Reilly discussed high gas prices. O’Reilly, as always, blamed the Big Oil companies, while Mc Cain blamed OPEC. Gee, I guess I hit a time warp. This is the 70’s all over again. Jimmy Carter was on Leno last night. He had some real good ideas about handling high gas prices in the 70’s. When Reagan cancelled all his ideas gas prices went down the next week. I guess world wide demand being up and world wide supply being down is just collateral damage since neither Mc Cain nor O’Reilly seemed to think it had anything to do with high gas prices. O’Reilly castigated Mc Cain since he has voted against every effort to drill for new oil in the US. Mc Cain says he still will, except offshore California and Florida. Mc Cain says he is an environmentalist and Teddy Roosevelt was his hero. Says he will never agree to drill in Alaska.

So, readers, who do we vote for? I propose the following. If Mc Cain doesn’t come off his position on energy, no campaign contributions, no vote. If the Republican Party doesn’t get to this man and compel him to push a rational energy plan for the U.S. we are truly doomed. 

If he thinks he can be elected based on him being the warrior who will fight the good fight in Iraq, he will lose and lose big. He is stuck in time like most men his age, the reason why business has a mandatory retirement age. He is stubborn and set in his ways.

Mark it down. If Mc Cain holds fast to his dogmatic energy plan he will lose by the biggest margin ever. If he sticks with his illegal immigrant plan he will lose all the conservative republican votes. He represents all the bad things of the past that have put us where we are on these big issues. It has shown in his votes in the senate.

He believes, like O’Reilly and the other dreamers who believe in Santa Claus, that the government will find the answer in billions of dollars spent on green energy. It ain’t going to happen.

The world moves on and our country offers us three options who will put us further and further behind. Regardless of who wins this election, we will be in trouble. Better start firing off letters to the Republican Committee regarding the candidate’s position on energy and other key issues. Otherwise, all you will get vs. O’bama is lower taxes until he escalates the war into Iran and has to raise taxes to offset the cost of that. 

Man are we in trouble.

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Comments (3)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I saw the interview with McCain and O’Rilley and can not believe we have a Republican who is only concerned about getting elected and who is pandering to the liberal and Independent uncommitted voters. The conservative party should be concerned and they need to take McCain aside and explain what our party is all about.

    You are correct, we are in trouble and Oil prices won’t come down until we increase US production, which is not likely anytime soon or until demand drops, which is probably what it will take.

    Prices will eventually come down once the market can no longer afford to pay the price, but unfortunately, the economy and our way of life will be destroyed.

    In the mean time, I guess all we can do is continue sending letters and hope someone gets the message.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Ken, I saw the Rush Limbaugh text about why oil prices will come down. The U.S. demand for gasoline has little if any impact on world prices. We had a 7% drop in demand in March, what did that do? Also, the energy experts that say it will come down have been saying that since January. We will get change when it gets so bad that there is rioting in the streets here. The Democrats will try to solve that with gas stamps financed by anyone who has any money.

  3. Bob Fidler Sr. says:

    This is the perfect time to notify the republican comm. Operation Chaos has the Dems losing and lost in lies. We can win but lets be sure we do it right when we get there.

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