How Dumb Are We?

May/06/2008 0:11AM
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If the voters in this country were graded by objective parties we would all be in remedial education. Let’s look at the candidates and the key issues.

First, the candidates. Obama couldn’t qualify to be the head of a corporate law department. Yet, he may be the next president. Clinton’s experience is as first lady. I would pick either Laura or Barbara Bush based on that qualifier. Both managed their husbands. McCain has a spotty record as a senator. He is a war hero and one tough hombre, but does that make him the best man to run this country. Questionable. He would be retired by mandate based on age in most jobs.

Next, the gasoline prices. This cements the idea that we have a very low issue IQ as a Nation. We  have been fed lies by elected officials and the media for 30 years. We are beyond dumb as a electorate. If not, could two candidates get by with telling us their energy solution is a federal gas tax holiday for the summer. One, McCain, will give it to us free, the other , Clinton, will pay for it with a windfall profits tax. Neither the summer tax holiday nor the windfall profits tax has any chance to pass congress this month. So both are just hollow campaign promises. Why are they getting away with it? The third candidate, Obama only offers the windfall profits tax. This was tried in the 80’s and failed. Why are we getting it again. If a candidate suggests we are doing something to Big Oil, we just drool. Supposedly, we are a more educated electorate than ever, yet we buy anything when it comes to gasoline prices. Let’s just continue to buy more and more oil from our enemies and convince ourselves it’s OK. Come on, can I sell you some swamp land? If you make decisions on gasoline prices based on emotion which everyone counts on, you are a fool.

Next the food price issue. All three candidates are dodging this. Do you believe the farm lobby should hold the world hostage for personal gain?. For a mere $80 million dollars in lobby funds and the fear of no one being elected in the heartland if they oppose farm subsidies, we will have the farm subsidy program, the ethanol subsidy program, spend $700 million to help world hunger, which we created,  and everything else Washington has done to drive up world food prices. This for a product that is a net energy loss. None of the three candidates will touch this. Mc Cain, maybe.

Illegal aliens. They really aren’t illegal. They are limbo aliens until we decide what they are. If you have a position on this don’t you have a right to have a candidate who supports your position. If your position is illegal is illegal you have no candidate. If you live in a sanctuary city do you agree with doing nothing? If you don’t , what can you do? Move?

The war in Iqaq. One says another 100 years. Why would anyone vote for anyone who says this? One says we come out on inauguration day. Who can vote for that? The third uses weasel words and we don’t know what she will do. Who can vote for that?

Jobs. Is there not a connection between gas prices and jobs? If not, why are so many businesses being hurt at $3.75 a gallon? Aren’t truckers saying diesel prices are putting them out of business? Which candidate is making that connection? None. George W. Bush made it today for the first time. It’s the first time I’ve heard any elected official make it. So, if we are totally illiterate as a country on energy how will we make intelligent decisions on energy? The real cost of crude, now $120 a barrel today, has not hit the street. Nor, has it worked through the distribution chain. When it does, will jobs be lost? You bet. Will more businesses fail? You bet. 

Truth of the matter, we are pretty dumb. We buy some marginally qualified people as our candidates. Then we accept lame responses from them on critical issues. Issues that will determine the future of our country. Maybe you haven’t noticed but things are not going smoothly for the US. We are really smarter than this. When you watch your local news and they tell you where you can buy the cheapest gasoline in town and save 45 cents on a fill by driving 20 miles and losing a dollar do you get excited? Someone must, since all stations and most newspapers do it every day. 

We blame our elected officials for everything. Yet, if we don’t demonstrate that we can’t be had by lame policies, lies, and snow jobs from them, how does this change? If we don’t demand better qualified candidates how will it get better?

They, the elected officials and the media, have dumbed us down. I’ve had enough. I refuse to buy the story and will work to force change. Real change, not Obama change. 

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I am going to play golf for the next 2 days with some rich Oil Industry friends and don’t plan to watch the news, the Election or listen to any of the campaign BS, as I have heard it all.

    No solutions being offered that make any sense and no qualified candidates, so I may as well just tee it up and see if I can take some of those windfall profits from those oil guy’s and their expense accounts before they have to give it to Clinton and Obama.

    I’ll watch the news when I get back, begause I need to find out where you got your gas, because I paid $4/g to fill up Jodi’s car on Sunday.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Ken, stop buying premium, it’s a scam too.

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