Eat Our Dust

May/08/2008 21:40PM
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Worried about China replacing us as the new leader in the world? We should be. But, even Brazil looks good by comparison. Brazil’s economy is booming with bio fuels and deep-water oil providing energy independence and throwing off cash for the government to pave highways and irrigate the desert. 

The currency is strong, exports are at an all time high, and they have no foreign debt.

A new field off the coast of Rio de Janeiro could contain 33 billion barrels of oil. That would be bigger than any find in many years anywhere in the world and would triple Brazil’s oil reserves. This makes Brazil a player on the world oil markets. It will give them a greater place on the world’s stage and could enable them to  win places in the Group of Eight and on the U.N. Security Council. Who’s place might they be taking down the road? Ours, of course.

They have solved their energy problems for the next 50 years. We have solved nothing. We might want to suck up to them big time since they may be a future supplier. 

We are going to bet the farm that our government, the same one that gave us ethanol as the big solution to our energy woes, will take money they steal from the oil companies and develop a cheap form of abundant renewable energy. At the same time that government will find a cure for cancer and solve the world hunger problem they helped to bring about with their ethanol idea. Maybe teach the world how to walk on water too.

When did Brazil get smarter than the United States? The world thinks most countries are smarter than the U.S. That’s why the dollar, our equivalent of our national stock price , is going in the tank. The world watches the U.S. and smiles at our self destruction. If we set out to collect the worst leadership we could find to run this country we could not have done worse. Using a random number system to pick 600 leaders would have generated some with integrity, none with vested interests, and many with our best interests in mind. Those traits alone would make us better equipped to deal with the world today.

You can choose to put your eggs in the "let our government solve the energy problem basket", but I won’t. I will support all efforts to find every form of energy we can find here at home and do it now. You can worship at the alter of global warming, but I don’t trust the science. You can trust the people who are about to enhance the farm subsidy bill, but I choose not to. 

The price of failure in this game is very very big. If you think the housing debacle was a blow to our economy, just wait until you see what $200 crude oil does to us. And, the option is tax big oil and jawbone OPEC. Come on, wake up and get real. We are self destructing and Washington is playing the fiddle.

By the way, where did Brazil find the big oil field, offshore. Shame on them for drilling offshore. Don’t they know there could be a leak and some pelicans could die? I guess so many Brazialians have died for lack of a decent lifestyle and a strong economy, they are taking the risk. Guess a whole lot of Americans have to die before we take those risks. Could happen, think about it. 

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