Suicide Watch

April/03/2008 16:59PM
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Let me try an analogy. Uncle Sam is a good swimmer. He’s swimming in cold, choppy water, but he will probably make it to shore. But, he’s dragging a polar bear, an illegal alien, and a government worker. Sam may drown before he can pull all of them and himself to shore. What does he do first?

Probably the polar bear has to do first. He’s a good swimmer and can make it to shore on his own. If Sam gets him to shore he will probably kill Sam and eat him. The polar bear is an example of no progress in the U.S. The lack of progress took ATA Airlines down today. Buy Greyhound stock. Any family vacations this year will be too costly for air travel, by car, or other means. Can’t go to Europe, the dollars no good. No plans to improve our energy dependency will ultimately kill old Sam, but he might it may take five more years.

Better cut old Juan loose next. He may drown, but he represents the paralysis that we have in the U.S. Illegal is illegal, but we want to wink at it. There is substantial cost to have illegals here, but we think we can afford it. Some in Congress want to reward the illegals with social security benefits. A sheriff in AZ is rounding them up and sending them home. The mayor attacked him this week for implementing the law. The sheriff has a 85% approval rating and the mayor may not get reelected. Might be a message there for others running for office. Do what’s right and ignore special interests and you might have an 85% approval rating. If our inability to make any decisions doesn’t improve, we are sunk. Sam will drown, and in less than the 5 years it would take for the polar bear to kill him. Europe has embraced the Muslim migration. Now, the Muslim guests want to kill their hosts. Plenty of illegals killing plenty of people here. We keep lying to ourselves. We know where they are and what to do when we find them. We just don’t do anything. Pretty much sums it up with all the problems. 

Sam is still swimming with that government worker but it’s getting harder. The government guy has porked up. Seems to happen with government. He’s really bloated and he seems to be trying to swim against the tide. This is symbolic of our country, government will solve everything. Soon the entire GDP will be your tax dollars. We won’t produce anything else. Hillary told the folks in Pennsylvania this week she was going to put in tax forgiveness to create jobs. This was the same campaign speech she made when she ran for Senator of NY and jobs have gone down. There is no such thing as tax forgiveness in this country. It is political speech for tax increases. No government programs go away. We are becoming the follower of European Socialism. If you think it’s working over there go over there and see. I’m sorry, I forgot, if you haven’t gone before you won’t be able to go now, nor your children or grandchildren. Costs too much. Air fares are up, dollar is down.  Sorry, too late.

This is not funny. There was a Roman Empire once, a British Empire once, and more recently a USSR. There are gone. The world believes we are going in that direction. There are signs of disrespect every day. Bush’s ideas for NATO were summarily dismissed. The rest of NATO sees Russia as a recovering nation and the US as one that needs to go into recovery. 

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