Sinners Repent

April/06/2008 0:30AM
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All modern religions can only promise a reward in the afterlife for following a set of behaviors. If you worship the assigned deity and follow the path, you are assured you will have those rewards. You must make sacrifices in this life to gain those rewards.

The Good Reverend Al Gore is offering the same deal. He is promising you a better life for your children and grandchildren if you make sacrifices today. Like religion, he will smother you in guilt for not following the path.

What are the sacrifices Reverend Al is asking you to make? He hasn’t gone far enough to tell you that, all you know now is you must be a bad person if you are not  going green and going there as fast as you can. Of course, Reverend Al is not the least bit green himself. His carbon footprint is in the top 1,000 in the United States. Just overlook that. Also, please overlook the money that’s involved in his ministry. Like the TV Evangelists, Reverend Al is getting very, very rich over you being green. So are a lot of his friends.

Here is the sacrifices you must make to get to Al’s Nirvana. First you must doom your country to being a second rate nation. Your county is following Reverend Al’s urgency to get green fast. Hence, your country will run out of energy soon. Jobs will be lost, houses will be severely down sized, thermostats will be turned down to survival level, cars will be parked, vacations will be a thing of the past, and very quickly your guilt will turn to anger. Most of the good folks that worked so hard to get you too green too fast will disappear back under their rocks, including Prince Obama. But you and all your fellow Americans will remember Reverend Al. He’s the one who really turned up the intensity. He’s the one who convinced all of us that we were bad people for living a good life.

Like the Reverend Al, I won’t suffer and maybe neither will my kids or grandkids. Money will help keep some semblance of the good life intact for those of us willing to pay for it. If you don’t have a big pile of money salted away, I have a suggestion for you.

Walk away from the Church of the Reverend Al and walk away as fast as you can. Shake off all the guilt. Start to walk a different path. One where you do your level best to reduce pollution and conserve energy. But, you ask all elected officials to follow the rule of reason. We need to keep ourselves self sufficient by tapping all the sources of energy that are readily available to us in our own country. Coal, nuclear, natural gas, wind, tar sands, geothermal, oil, and solar. Step up our energy efforts in all these area in direct conflict to the teachings of Reverend Al. Get ourselves in a position where we can run our economy and defend our country with our own sources of energy. 

Then, let’s step back and say " how much do we want to participate in the world’s effort to curb climate change." How much can we give to that devotion? We do our part.

Beat yourself up if you do really dumb things to make our future bleaker than it is, don’t do it to the extent that Reverend Al wants, to the total destruction of our country. Just remember if Reverend Al is wrong he’s going to take care of himself and his family, who’s going to take care of you and yours?

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