April/12/2008 0:25AM
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The great Katie Couric experiment is about over. CBS lost more share. The three major networks have lost 7 million viewers since 1997. They just don’t get it.

Soon they will compete for the far left market segment in New York and California. The rest of us get it and we’ve had it.

I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere in the recent past, the three networks decided not to present the news but to shape our beliefs. The heads of these institutions stopped being journalists and started being professors. On the campus, the professors have been shaping minds politically for years and years. The networks decided it was a good idea.

Fortunately, in this country we still have choices and more than we’ve ever had in the news business. More and more of us are voting with our feet. If you are an executive of a major network you have all the data. Your business is going down, your revenue is dropping, and competition is taking your business. So, do you say, like Fox News did, I’m going to stop pushing far left ideologies to the market. Let CBS have 100% of that market. I’ll fire all my died in the wool left wingers and hire some objective journalists, if any exist, and go back to just serving up the news. Straight and honest, no spin.

I won’t focus on only the negative side of issues I disagree with, and I will give a balanced position in all stories. I won’t choose the stories based on my perspective on politics, but pick them based on the newsworthiness of the choices.

Why hasn’t this happened? It can’t. Over 95% of the employees of every major network news group, the New York Times, and other old line news purveyors are all left wing. They won’t commit suicide. Someone will have to line them up and shoot them. And, someone will when the combined share gets to a level where none are profitable. It’s getting close. 

It might be a big step in the right direction for this country when it happens. They can’t keep doing what they are doing.

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