Chicken Little and the Ultimate Guilt Trip

April/07/2008 23:40PM
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And, you thought I was giving you the worst possible outlook for America. Here comes Guy R. McPherson, a professor of conservation biology at the University of Arizona. Professor McPherson says $400 a barrel crude is inevitable in a decade or less. He predicts this country will be on its way to the post-industrial Stone Age. Unemployment will be approaching 100 percent, inflation will be running at 1,000 percent and central heating and running water will be a pipe dream. Why, no alternative energy sources scale up to the level of a few million people, much less the 6.5 billion who currently occupy Earth. Oil is necessary to extract and deliver coal and natural gas. Oil is needed to produce solar panels and wind turbines and to maintain the electrical grid. He predicts the death and suffering will be unimaginable. We need cheap oil for the delivery of food, water, shelter, and medicine. Most of us are incapable of obtaining any of them ourselves.

Here’s the worst. "our individual survival and our common future, depends on our ability to quickly make other arrangements. We can view this as a personal challenge, or we can take the Hemingway out. The choice is ours. " Nice thoughts, right?

Now, the guilt trip. He says maybe the cessation of economic growth is truly good news for the world’s species and cultures. In addition, the abrupt halt of fossil-fuel consumption may slow the warming of our planetary home, thereby preventing our extinction at our own hand. 

Basically, the good professor says it’s all worth while to destroy our country , our people, and a civilized way of life to save the wildlife. 

These are the nutballs who are teaching your children. They are influencing our elected officials. The difference is Professor McPherson is being honest, not telling you there is a solution on the horizon. You like the world he describes, keep letting Washington dodge an energy program that preserves our future. If you don’t you better get with it because his decade is not far off. 

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I know you are as passionate on this issue as I am, but I am starting to get depressed thinking about where we’re heading and what seems to be a total lack of awareness or care to take action by the Congress and uninformed citizens. It seems the message is not being heard and just plainly being ignored.

    I will keep sending letters to those who should be taking action on these matters, but am very surprised the American public is not outraged with the escalating costs they are experiencing?

    I am not too surprised by our Congressman, because most of them are making millions and can afford it, but the average American who makes $47k/year have to be very concerned and afraid about how they are going to survive.

    When our Ex President and his wife can make $109m over the course of the last 7 years, something is wrong. Once all the facts come out about how those millions were made, perhaps people will begin to think twice about how those who are suppose to be working for us are actually doing so much better than their constituents are.

    But then again, I doubt it will matter, because it is all about the money and those who have it, are going to do what ever they can to keep it

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