US pays a bounty to Mexico-$30 per head a year

March/28/2008 20:25PM
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Here’s my math. Mexico has sent us 15,000,000 illegals in the past several years. We are sending Mexico an average of $450 million dollars to fight their drug wars. Basically, we are sending them a $30 per head reward each year for the next three years for each illegal Mexican citizen who has slipped across our border. Has this Nation gone absolutely insane? $90 per illegal over three years as a reward for sending us their problems. Such a deal.  

What possible reason could we have to fight Mexico’s drug problems? Sorry, I forgot we fight everyone’s problems everywhere in the world, except our own. Got a problem bring it to Washington. We are into being global. If we can fit you in, and believe me money is not the problem, we’ll do it.

In our country we don’t deal with big problems. Just special interest issues. Got a special interest: farm bill, no new oil exploration, want to ignore illegal aliens, etc., you’ve come to the right place, Washington.

Australia announced today they are pulling troops out of Iraq. President Bush said he’s not upset since they are going to work with the Iraqi people to teach them dry land farming. They have set aside a huge budget of $120 million to do this in lieu of having troops on the ground. Why don’t we pull the troops out and teach the Iraqi government the ropes on farm subsidies. That’s something Washington knows a lot about. It has to do with special interest groups. Most of us would consider that a big change from spending 2 trillion, losing 4,000 lives, and having 20,000 young men and women wounded. Australia has had enough. They believe they are in the middle of three ethnic groups who hate each other and it has nothing to do with securing the homeland. They will stay in Afghanistan, however, because they feel there is a chance there. Let’s see $120 million vs. $2 trillion we don’t have, can we have the new Austrialian Prime Minister run out country for a few years. I like his style.

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