The Sounds of Silence

March/11/2008 15:52PM
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Three candidates, a million words, no one addresses $4.80 gasoline. Why? Not one of the three wants to touch it. No answers.

The crude price is normally 53% of the base cost of gasoline. Refining costs 19%, taxes 19%, and distribution, marketing, and retailer costs and profits about 9%. Yesterday’s crude price is $2.50 per gallon. At 54%, that’s $4.80 cents for regular at the pump. Except in Chicago where city and county taxes add another 11 cents. 

Today an analyst actually predicted $200 crude. 

Airlines go back into chapter 11. Food prices jump more, everything that has anything to do with hydrocarbons—plastic, paint, wax, all your everyday items go up. Anything delivered increases. 

Nothing. Just business as usual on the campaign trail. Sorry, America, we don’t really care about the future, just blow some more smoke. Big news Eliot Spitizer, Elliot Ness, guess he was really very touchable. 

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