March/20/2008 17:35PM
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Vice-President Dick Cheney was asked by a reporter " Two thirds of Americans say it’s not worth fighting in Iraq because the cost in lives exceeds the gains": Dick’s grinning response, a simple "so". Doesn’t that say it all. While campaigning it’s poll, poll, poll. Say what the people want to hear, all the people. Once in office, screw the people. Do what you want. Not only that, be an arrogant prick about it. Getting a little crowded over there in Iqaq with Cheney and Mc Cain there at the same time.   

Meanwhile the man Cheney supervises, our President, on the fifth anniversary of our going into Iraq, says we have a huge loss of life and treasure, but it’s worth it. He can’t articulate why it’s worth it, but it’s just worth it. His bumbling speaking style which has gotten worse not better, is the reason two thirds are negative. If he had the talent, intelligence, and energy to explain why it’s worth it, we might buy it. All the lives, injuries, and cost. It’s his  whole platform for two terms and he can’t explain it in a way any of us can understand. We are the police force for the country of Iraq. Our troops don’t know who the bad guys are since none are in uniform. Iraq has $60 billion dollars in the treasury and no way to spend it since supposedly they can’t make wire transfers. If Bush and Cheney are so macho why not just take it. It’s ours. We probably gave it to them for the oil and we have spend 300 times that to save their asses and to rebuild their infrastructure. Give them a bill and help them with one wire transfer, but don’t show them the ropes so we can come back and take another $60 billion in a year or so. How dumb are we. If you have someone picking up all the tabs, why would you spend any of your own money?

Here’s a few more questions.

We don’t have an energy policy and it’s going to destroy our country. Answer: So……..

We have up to 20 million illegals and they are sucking the blood our of our economy. Answer: So………

The dollar is going to hell. Answer: So……..

Global warming may be voodoo science and it’s costing us billions. Answer: So………

We wonder whether if the space program has run it’s course. Answer: So………

The judges and ACLU have made it unsafe for our kids to leave the house. Answer: So…..

Ethanol doesn’t work. Answer: So……..

Farm and ethanol policies are driving food prices up. Answer: So…..

We are headed toward the mother of all depressions. Answer: So……

Get the picture. I picked on Cheney and Bush, but it’s almost every elected official. They just put a dress on the pig when they answer unlike Cheney.

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  1. Ken says:

    As Cheney would say “So….What’s Your Point?”

    I guess we should just give up and give Iraq back to Osama Bin Laden so he can use it to rebuild and train his army of terrorist so they can come back some day, and they will, and kill some more Americans. Maybe this time it will be the Sears Tower, Our Power plants, Our Oil Refineries, Our water supply and the possibilities go on.

    I don’t like the fact we have lost over 4000 troops in the War and spent billions of dollars, but giving up now is not the answer. Bush may have faults and is not able to speak as eloquent as Obama or Reveren Wright, but at least he had the balls to do something about it and I give him credit for standing up for America and those who couldn’t protect themselves.

    I certainly don’t agree with everything we do around the world, but sitting by and letting terrorist think they can kill their citizens, Us, our Grandchildren or our Allies, just because they don’t like us,it’s just too F—n bad.

    Unfortunately, our country does need stronger leadership to deal with all of our issues here at home, and fully support your views on those needs. But, America is a Leader and I believe that most of the World looks to America as a leader of the free world and to do the right thing.

    It’s not easy being an American or a Leader, but it sure beats being a Frenchman living in France. Yes they may not like us or support us as they should, but being America, we still did the right thing by saving their ASS and many other countries from Hitler and his Nazis zealots. We’re The United States of America, and that’s what we do, no matter what others may think. “So”

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