No Goal, No Vote

March/05/2008 2:31AM
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On May 25,1961 President John F. Kennedy said" First, I believe this nation should  commit itself to achieving the goal, before the decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him back safely to the earth"

In my lifetime this is probably the best example of our nation setting an almost unachievable goal and meeting it spot on. I had the pleasure of playing 18 holes of golf with the man who was commander of Apollo 11, the man who spent 21 hours on the moon, 2 1/2 of which were outside. He signed the scorecard and my Mother has it. She says it’s like having an autograph from Christopher Columbus. Neil Armstrong was at a meeting to talk to our people about setting and meeting big goals. He was particularly pleased about the goal stating "returning him back safely". He joked that it was not reassuring that every part of his equipment was supplied by the lowest bidder. 

My suggestion to you. Write your elected officials and those you may choose to vote for in the upcoming election. Say very clearly that you will not vote for anyone who does not agree to the following:

Our Nation must be self-sufficient in all forms of energy by 2015. No imports, no exports. No baloney about exotic ideas. These are forms of energy that are economically viable today. This goal will be met by a combination of conservation, fast-tracking nuclear plants, refineries, drilling, pipelines, wind, solar, shale, coal, and any other current applications. We know our demand numbers so it’s easy to balance the books. 

Any politician who does not ascribe to this does not deserve your vote. He/she is leaving us to the mercy of the nations who choose to sell or not sell us oil. This is the perfect time for the nations of Islam to choose not to sell us. We are on the ropes with economic problems. Venezuela has already threatened. How about Iran? We will fall into a depression that will make the one our parents went through seem like child’s play.

Wake up ;and wake up your elected officials. This is about jobs, your kids, your financial future, and the future of your country. We can’t let the fools in Washington mess with us any more on this. Set the goal and meet it, just like we did in the 60"s.

One last thought. It has even been proposed by some questionable think tanks that cattle flatulence might be a source of new energy. I propose that Al Gore be put in charge of that phase. He and all of the followers who want to destroy this fine country can hook up the hoses and do the collections every day. 

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  1. Ken says:

    I have provided a website where everyone can look up who their congressman is and the site provides an easy way for contacting them with any comments they may have. I sent a letter to my congressional representative this morning and voiced my concern over the economy and our failure to deal with the oil issue. It’s all about the oil and until this issue gets some serious attention, we are going to continue watching our retirement savings dwindle away.

    Based on the elections in Ohio and Texas yesterday, Oboma and Clinton will be battling out who will ultimately become the democratic candidate. We now have to support McCain and get the rest of the Republican Party energized and involved to ensure we get candidates that will tax us to death.

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