You Can’t Handle the Truth

February/21/2008 0:09AM
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To quote Jack Nicholson as Jessep in a Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth”. That’s why you are not likely to get it. Who is going to give it to us? The people running for office. No. The people in office. No. It’s political suicide for either to really spell it out. The media. No. They want us to have their own version of the the truth.

Let’s just look at one of my favorite subjects. Oil. Any politician who tries to spell it out is aligned with Big Oil. The media loves to hate big oil. It’s a whipping boy for both politicians and the media. Being on the other side is being aligned with our perception of “right”. Even the so called no spin people like Bill O’Reilly go off the deep end on this subject. He thinks Big Oil should forfeit profit to keep gasoline prices low. We are conditioned to believe that some one will solve our shrinking supply of secure oil. Who? What?

We are headed for total disaster when it comes to our dependence on foreign oil and lack of solid alternatives. Should it be a hot topic? Very hot. Is it? No. Washington and the media have spun this problem so much in the last 20 years there is no way we can or will get the truth from either. Be ready for year after year of higher prices, more imports, less secure sources for crude and no viable solution. How bad does it have to get before we demand the truth? It’s bad right now and who’s telling us we are in trouble. No one. 

Real issues will continue to be on the back burner because you can’t handle the truth. It’s easier to keep you pacified than to face facts.

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  1. Ken says:

    I agree with you on all of your views on the Oil Issue and would like to see Bill O’Reilly have you on his NO SPIN program so you could debate the subject. What an interesting interview that would be. People do not have a clue and unfortunately, we have waited too long to take action and increase our capacity here in the US. We are going to pay the price and I see no end in sight anything soon. Atleast probably not in my lifetime. When are people going to wake up???? Perhaps Obama or Hillary will finally put us out of our missory and close all of our remaining refinery’s.

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