steroids in baseball or illegal aliens

February/08/2008 2:21AM
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I’m a senator or congressman and today I can work on steroids in baseball or the big scoff law that it’s OK to break the law and enter the US. I love baseball so I’ll devote my day to Roger Clements. I can make the early and late news and get some much needed exposure. I’m not much into priorities so I don’t really care which problem is the most important.

Is it just me or do we have a new problem emerging in this country? We are deciding what laws to enforce and which to ignore. When did that become a choice? Haven’t we always said, if it’s on the books, we enforce it? Sheriff Joe Arpaio in AZ, says if it’s a law, I enforce it. He locks up hundreds of illegals every day. They eat bologna sandwiches and work on his chain gang. He let’s the immigrations officials decide what to do with them. If they are deported back to Mexico in air conditioned buses which galls Joe, he believes they won’t come back to his county if they sneak back in, which they will. Joe says if we don’t want him to arrest them change the law. Shouldn’t this be a nationwide position? If we don’t care if people sneak in, just don’t have a category called illegal aliens. If it’s illegal, arrest them, deport them, and stop them from coming in and becoming illegal. We can register sex offenders but not illegal aliens. 

I have a suggestion. Let’s put all of our elected officials on performance enhancing drugs. I know they tend to shrink one’s testicles, but how much smaller can they get?

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  1. Ken says:

    Based on the hearings and Roger’s trainer ratting him out, he may be finding himself going to jail. Kind of strange his trainer felt he needed to keep all the evidence and suspect he will get a pass for dispursing the drugs to Roger in exchange for giving up Roger.

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