Selective Humanatarism

February/15/2008 1:12AM
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Steven Spielberg tells China he won’t work on the Olympics because he doesn’t like China’s position on Darfur. He won an Oscar for the Holocaust film Shindler’s List. I can’t go a month without being reminded by the media or Hollywood about the Holocaust. It seems like it was a long long time ago to be such current news. There have been some bad,bad guys since Hitler in the interim.

One was Saddam Hussain. He killed thousands of Kurds and Iraqis during his reign of terror. But, Mr. Spielberg wants me to feel guilty about Hitler in 2008, and he is concerned about Darfur, just and I am. But, Mr. Spielberg thinks the war in Iraq was wrong and wants the troops home now. Is there a blind spot in Mr. Spielberg’s concern for humanity?. Seems to be the same one that exists with most of Hollywood. The fact that Iraq is an enemy of Israel could influence empathy for those poor Iraqi people. Mr. Speilberg and Hollywood if you want to lecture to the world about injustice, don’t be hypocritical. And, please for my sake no more movies about he Holocaust. And, from my perspective don’t rile China. And, lastly, if we went into Darfur like you and your friends want, the first casualty would put you in front of the line to pull us out of there. 

Mr. Spielberg, this is the real world and I resent you messing with it. Shut up and go back to making movies. By the way, take Mia Farrow with you.

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