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February/21/2008 23:06PM
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During my business career I looked at hundreds of resumes. For every 20 I reviewed, I intereviewed one. I’m sure many of you have enjoyed this screening process. 

Here’s a sample resume: Education BA Columbia Universilty, 1983, JD Harvard University, 1991

Employment history: 1992-1995 worked as an attorney and lecturer. In 1995 began campaigning for state senator. 1996 elected state senator, In 2003 began campaigning for US senator. Elected US senator In 2004.Began campaigning for US President. 2004-2008 Campaigning.

Screening process. Man has a great education. Impressive.

 Work history. Three years as attorney and lecturer. Hmmm, first year as a new attorney is learning the ropes. Is lecturer a euphemism for campaigning? So maybe one year as an attorney. Two years learning to be a politician.

State senator for 7 years. Campaigner for one year.

Zero time as a US senator, four years as a campaigner.

Summary: One year as an attorney. Seven years as a state senator.Note: Check results for that job. Checked: Nothing outstanding found.

Seven years as a campaigner.

 Results of screening. No call back. This man does not have what we need to be a mid level manager. Good potential, but zero results. Gets a job and starts working on the next job. No focus. All style, no substance. 

Sorry, Mr. Obama, but we have people available who have had real jobs and done impressive things on those jobs. We can’t use you as the head of our law department, let alone endorse you for the biggest job in the USA. 

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  1. Ken says:

    Bill, this is a classic and will try and copy it to my website, but will make sure that I give you all the credit, because I don’t want to get sued by you for plagerism. Something Oboma must of missed while getting his law degree. This is great and vintage Robertson.

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