Rather Bad Times

February/23/2008 2:42AM
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First it was Dan Rather who hated Bush so much and loved the liberals with passion. So he made up a bunch of fiction, got canned, sunk CBS even lower and went off into the sunset to spend hours deciding whether his collar should be up or down. A job more fitting than spinning the news. His tiny brain had turned to pudding and even the big boys at CBS finally caught on. 

Now the NY Times, masquerading as the National Enquirer does the same thing to McCain. At least the National Enquirer has to get some documentation for their claims since they have been sued successfully so often. 

Why did the NY Times and other mainstream media turn on Hillary and move to Obama? Simple, he’s more liberal. If a candidate had preached socialism, was a minority, a female, loved Israel, and had a handicap, the media would fall all over themselves pushing them for election. It’s the litmus test. No one can measure up completely, so they take the closest to the max.

I had a female HR rep who called white men under 50 pond scum. They got no points for any diversity credits. The media in this country has extended that to John Mc Cain, even thought he qualifies as a senior.

Michele Obama says for the first time she is proud of America. Any other candidate’s spouse says anything close to that and it’s over. Game, set, match. With Mrs. Obama, it’s a non event. Hillary throws a punch at Obama in the debate last night and talks about his plagiarism. His response. Let’s not have any negative campaigning. We need to focus on what needs to be done to make this country better. Ask Biden what plagiarism did to his campaign.

It’s over for Hillary. She and Bill both know that. Now, the media will make the all out effort to get Barack elected. Watch the air time on network news. It will be 75% Obama, 25% Mc Cain and that 25% will be mostly negative with no negatives for Obama. 

If you don’t want to see a man elected who may be a very good man but is so ill prepared for this job that he will need to spend the first two years learning on the job. Learning on the job is a luxury we can’t afford right now. If you agree, let’s get busy working to make sure this doesn’t happen. It’s war time, the economy is in the tank. we have no progress on all fronts, and the world hates us. We need someone who has at least had a real job and led people. We can’t elect a career campaigner even though he has gotten very good at that.

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