No Apologies Ever

February/27/2008 2:49AM
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Ralph Nader is running for president again. In this great country of ours anyone should be entitled to run for the highest office. Democrats are worried that he may take enough votes to give the election to the Republicans again.

If you want to take the temperature of America with a rectal thermometer you should plug it directly into Ralph. He epitomizes the very reason our grandchildren have no chance for a better life. He is against anything that smacks of progress. How do we survive as an anti-progress civilization? Yet, enough people buy into Ralph’s, so called, platform that he might sway the election. Wow, that says it all. 

In my Feb 2, 2008 entry I talked about the over zealous environmentalists who never come back and say, gee we’re sorry we sold you a bad deal. It’s just on to the next bad idea. Let’s all watch for the Ralph Nader apology about the Corvair. How much progress might we have made on fuel economy were it not for Ralph and his B.S. about" Unsafe at Any Speed"? If the Corvair was a death trap, what is the Smart Car? Where is Ralph on that issue? Forget it, Ralph’s on to a new factious cause that stirs the emotions of our Group Think society. Has Ralph ever said, maybe I made a mistake destroying the Corvair? Not likely to hear that, never. 

So, Mr. Nader who has never had a drivers license became an expert on auto safety. Mr. Obama, who has never run anything, is an expert on running our country. One hates Washington and big business and I’m not sure what he likes except finding fault with everyting. The other wants to make Washington bigger at our expense. We would get change in either case. You pick, I think it’s a toss up. We can only hope one cancels the other out.  

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