Chicken or the Egg

February/04/2008 16:47PM
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Does the political leaning beget the profession or does the culture of the job pressure one to conform? Why are most actors, professors, media people, and  the  extremely rich liberal? Were they liberal and that helped them choose their course in life, or once chosen, the peer pressure moved them to liberal? When one looks at this group in general they weild a great deal of potential influence in our society. How does anyone get out of the university with a conservative bent when they are exposed to a faculty that may be 90% liberal based on studies. How do we watch the news or read the paper and not get spun? How do we go to the movies and not be influenced by such liberal ideals? With the clout of the wealthy how do they not buy us?

Is there a conservative rebellion underway? Network news share is going down, down, down. The three big networks seem to be fighting over the liberal share while non-liberals are finding other sources for news. Soon there will be a group of red state news shows and a group of blue state news shows. Papers like the New York Times are losing share. Again, are conservatives finding their own sources for news. One area that is still isolated is the university arena. How do conservatives get more balance in academia? Must everyone have their children exposed to the flaming liberal world of academia and hope for the best? If a student doesn’t buy into the professor’s political ideas does the grade suffer? Some studies say yes. Are fewer people chosing to watch films by Michael Moore, Mark Cuban, or Al Gore? About time for another film about the poor family being thrown off the farm by the big bad bank. Hollywood has done more for the corporate farm than Archer Daniels Midland. Why do the same actors and acctresses who want us out of Iraq want us in Darfur? I would put the average IQ in Hollywood at 80. Why does anyone care what they think?

I don’t want a conservative spin any more than I want what we have. I just want balance. In my lifetime, I don’t see that happening. My grandchildren will be off to college in 6 years. They seem bright and will probably go to schools with good academic reputations. I am sick to think they will get politicized while they are educated. That just seems wrong. I can’t watch network news anymore because I don’t seem the content as balanced. TV shows like Boston Legal which is a comedy seems to find it necessary to have a liberal message in every show. Letterman and Leno don’t hide their bias. I think Letterman is to the left of Michael Moore. Why do I have to be exposed to their political views?. 

This is the essence of all this: Are we headed for a point where non-liberals can’t go to college, watch TV, go to movies if there are no choices open to them? With the uber rich calling shots that may be the case. The Bible says it’s easier to put a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven. Guess that’s why Joe Kennedy became a flaming liberal. He though it would offset all the bad stuff the did to make his money. Once they get too much, the guilt kicks in and they want to show the bleeding heart.

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