$200 crude

February/24/2008 22:21PM
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What does $200 crude do to our society? Quite simply, it destroys our country as we have known it. How close is it? Read back on the entries. Worldwide demand is growing much faster than production. Big oil is paying bigger  dividends since they have no place to drill. The rest of the world is scrambling to build nuclear plants, we are doing nothing. Ethanol is not working. Any effort to tap available sources, like Alaska are met with resistance. The $200 crude could be as early as 3-5 years.

It means $10 gasoline. It means 10% per year inflation. It means 10% or more unemployment. Cars have to be sold, houses down sized. Jobs given up that require a commute. Put all of this with the housing problem, recession, social security, health care, and our other problems, and we simply collapse.

What does collapse mean? Take a look at New Orleans after Katrina and you can get close. People shooting at helicopters, widespread looting, just picking us and leaving everything behind. Blame going in all directions. No one taking responsibility for anything.

Our friends in the Middle East, like the Saudi’s, will they come to our rescue? It is probably the perfect time for them to tell us how they really feel about us by making it worse.

And, if our big leader is a man who is only trained to do one thing, campaign, does it sound even more like New Orleans?

If you believe only 75% of this, you had better get mad, really mad. The group think you are being exposed to says energy will magically appear when we need it. We Americans feel we have a God given right to cheap energy. Even if it isn’t ours and others will pay more for it. We don’t want to take action to protect our needs, just keep the faith. 

If  enough of us make a big enough deal about it, we might move it to the forefront of the political campaigns and media news. If we don’t, we’ve played a big part in destroying this great country. 

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  1. Ken says:

    This is scary stuff and may force me to reavaluate my decision to retire. Unfortunately, I think we are heading down the path of no return unless the replublican party and voters get off their ass and make this the number one issue…..

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