The Big Spender Nation

January/30/2008 0:44AM
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Any successful business in financial difficulty like the USA would not borrow money to give back to shareholders for them to spend trying to shore up the company. But that’s what we are planning to do to give you a tax rebate. Let’s see is there someplace we could cut expenses to affort these rebates. HMMM. How about cutting off foreign aid to all those countries who hate us? There would be more than enough to cover these costs. How about scrapping the space program? If a company had a R&D budget that produced no viable products for years and years that company would scrap the effort. This is just a start. If we made a list of waste that this country spends billions and billions on how much could we rebate? We have let our ego go wild. We believe we need to solve the world’s problems regarless of the cost. Why not pull in our horns and let other countries take care of their own problems. We have too many of our own now to be DADDY to the world. 

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