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Better Lives for Our Grandchildren: A Plane Crash Survivor's Perspective on Politics and Life , by Bill Robertson (Author)

A retired marketing executive of a $40 billion corporation, Bill Robertson has led an interesting life. Growing up in Niles, Michigan, he attended Harvard Business School, ran a marathon, scaled Mt. Rainier, played a round of golf with Neil Armstrong, met President Reagan, and made six holes in one. He also survived a devastating airline disaster aboard United Airlines Flight 232, which crashed in Sioux City, Iowa. The crash changed his priorities and his life. Spending time with a growing family became his top concern, and he worried for the future of his six grandkids. The future looked bleak. His grandkids’ generation might be the first to have a lower standard of living than their parents. This book, Better Lives for Our Grandchildren: A Plane Crash Survivor's Perspective on Politics and Life, shows how he applied his extensive marketing experience to examine the direction of the country by taking the reader on the journey that led to the election of Donald J. Trump as president. The country wanted change, and Bill’s book identifies why there was so much angst and what the country is doing to change direction.

September/17/2020 8:59AM
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WAR ON POLICE: Over 431 Police Officers Injured or Killed in Recent Far Left Black Lives Matter Protests and Riots There is a war in this country. Black Americans think it’s open season on cops. Pick any video. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=compton+police+shooting&docid=13891244304825&mid=7A84A8F7F101124BEB447A84A8F7F1011 The media did this. Local ABC Nightly News in Chicago runs a minimum of 2 police/black Read the full article…

September/11/2020 10:20AM
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  Not one NFL Player ran into the World Trade Center on 9-11. Cops did. Share

September/07/2020 7:53AM
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First, are most BLM protests non-violent? A poll shows a majority(59%) say some people’s desire to take advantage of the situation to engage in criminal behavior has contributed a great deal to the protests. There has been a lot of news about the social media trying to influence the election in favor of Democrats. Want proof? Read the full article…