November/01/2021 9:43AM
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As the US media attempts to herald the G-20 a huge success the absence of Russia and China there will be a mere footnote. See Putin and Xi are building their economy and military while the other G-20 members celebrate the return of the US checkbook. Other countries can confirm the stupidity of US leaders Read the full article…

October/22/2021 9:47AM
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Biden is forcing the issue with the military. Get vaccinated or leave. You need to take a position . Support Biden or support the dedicated men and women who must make a choice. You’ve heard Biden’s position. Now, here are some from the military: Share

September/21/2021 19:30PM
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1/4 of the total of 2,500 Navy Seals are refusing to take the jab and are threatened with dismissal by the Dept. Of The Navy. This is affecting the readiness of our most elite military force. Navy Seals are heavily relying on the cohesion and trust of their small units. The cost to train a Read the full article…