February/21/2018 9:21AM
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Media bias at it’s best. The NY Times has the Presidential Politics experts rank the presidents and then prints the results. Who are presidential politics experts? Some group picked by the newspaper. I love the comment that Obama rose 8 positions due to the recent presidential portrait. Is this the definition of fake news from Trump? I lived Read the full article…

February/16/2018 11:16AM
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Everyone on the news, in politics, and in Hollywood has a solution to these horrific shootings. Very simple, gun control. Like they have in Chicago where they had 650 murders last year. But, hardly newsworthy. Many younger than those shot in Florida. When liberals talk gun control they mean total gun control. The kind where Read the full article…

February/14/2018 8:57AM
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        No words needed. To the great love affairs of the centuries. To romance and special relationships. Share