October/02/2021 12:28PM
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Never asked you loyal readers for a thing in return for my wisdom. My grandson is an engineering student at the University of Illinois. He’s a great young man. A sophomore. In addition to his studies he’s working as a part time bartender at Kams, the college bar, and plays on the school travel baseball Read the full article…

September/29/2021 14:18PM
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The Democrats are fighting among themselves when Biden desperately needs a victory. He could end up with neither massive spending bill, the government shut down, and the debt ceiling left unchanged. Bernie wants it all and won’t reconcile. A 50-50 Senate and only a 4 vote majority in the House might have been too much Read the full article…

September/25/2021 10:11AM
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She is as adept at lying as Joe. He lies, she lies, they lie together. These two are scum. Share