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A recent poll shows that 61% of Americans think Obama is a liar. The other 39% are lying on their poll response.

I have talked to many friends who have just filed their 2013 income tax returns and it just hit them that they are paying higher taxes to support ObamaCare. It’s just the beginning. One gentleman is a tweener. He’s between his recent retirement and Medicare. His insurance premium doubled and the deductible went up $5,000. His tax rate went up 3%.

I won’t even address the big lie Obama told about his insurance program, you know the one about your doctor, I’ll just look at recent lies. In a speech this week, he said this baby is working.

Let’s see how it’s working. Taxes have gone up for all who pay taxes to cover his great plan. Insurance rates have gone up for all who have not been kicked off their insurance because of Obama Care. Doctors are telling Medicare patients to get a new doctor. Obama won’t tell you how many who signed up aren’t paying. Nor, will he tell you how many were those who were forced off their previous plans and had no option. Nor, how many were the only reason for ObamaCare, they couldn’t get insurance. Or, how many are young people. Need those to balance the books. Oh yes, when the big pieces he delayed, until after the mid-term elections, kick in it will get worse. Corporations will drop health insurance as a benefit, so will small and mid-sized companies, companies will cut to less than 50 full-time employees by lay-offs and switching people to part-time, and there will be more cuts to Medicare. When a liar moves things around illegally before an important election, why does he do that? Of course, he knows his big plan will cost his party votes, that’s the truth.

I can’t count the lies he’s still telling every day.

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Read an editorial by Ralph Nader about raising the minimum wage. You remember Ralph, right? He never had a driver’s license but he wrote about automobile safety. ” Unsafe at any Speed” the book that destroyed the Corvair. Now, Obama touts the Smart car. Unsafe when sitting still. A dual purchase, a car and a coffin, all in one. Well, old Ralph who I’m sure never had a minimum wage job, tells us we need to raise the minimum wage to $15.

There are no negative consequences for doing that, per Ralph. It’s free. The money to do that comes from God. It doesn’t come from higher prices to pay for the increased payroll. Good to know Ralph. My Econ 101 prof, Dr.Black Mike O’Connor was wrong. Want to bet, Ralph? My money’s on Black Mike, not a senile fool like you who has always been wrong about every thing.

Then I read where the states and Feds need to raise the gasoline taxes because our roads and bridges are falling apart. That’s free too. From God again. God must be busy finding ways to raise the price of goods and services without impacting anything.

Let’s see, we scrapped the space program and use the Russian taxi service to visit space now and then. Why did we do that again? Oh yes, we’re broke. We are cutting troop levels while our Russian taxi drivers are invading other countries. Why? We are broke, got that?

Why are we broke? Because we buy into beliefs from folks like Nader and Obama.

Maybe we need to find a Mike O’Conner to run this place for a while. Or even a Mitt Romney, a successful businessman who tells the truth, not a serial liar or a naive fool.

Stuff isn’t free. When you raise the minimum wage or the gas tax, you hurt the poor the most, right, Black Mike?

5 interesting comments, join the discussion

no clue

Let’s see, drawing a line in the sand didn’t work. After telling Syria they risked war if they used chemical weapons, Obama first turned to Congress to get him out of that after the gas was used. Then, he turned to Putin to broker a deal.

So, let’s try drawing a line in the snow, maybe that will  work better.

Now he threatens Putin over the Russian troops in the Ukraine. But, at the same time he has Hagel announce we will reduce our troop levels to pre- WWII levels.

The mouth that roars must roar. An empty wagon makes the most noise.

Let’s track all of that. First, the US Commander in Chief threatens little Syria, then backs down. He uses Russia to back down. Then he threatens Russia after reducing our troop levels.

Embarrassed yet? The world is laughing folks. We are a joke.