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Polticians are said to have big noses because air is free:



We are growing sick of all of them and their scandalous lies. Pat Quinn, the Democratic governor of Illinois, is running for re-election against Bruce Rauner, a self-made millionaire. Quinn is being investigated on two fronts. First his $56 million dollar plan to reduce crime, which he instituted just before his last election, is looking a lot like an outright cash for votes program which was key to getting him re-elected. The Feds are subpoenaing e-mails from all of his top people. This is how it started with the two recent governors who went to prison. Also, the state’s inspector general found a preponderance of friends and family of Quinn working for the transportation department. Working is a loose term, meaning on the payroll, but not working.

Quinn’s attack ads against Rauner–he’s rich.

Obama is going after corporations that move headquarters overseas to reduce the tax bill. The same Obama who gave $1.7 billion in bailout money to Delphi Automotive to prop up their customer, GM. Delphi was, at the time ,and still is, headquartered in the UK saving $110 million a year vs. being headquartered in Troy, Michigan, where the CEO goes to work. Now, Obama wants to go after Delphi and all the other corporations who use this tax inversion option that Congress provided them.

Ferguson, Missouri was once home to lots of manufacturing. But, we hate manufacturing in this country, so no more. It’s the home of unemployment and poverty. Do the haters of manufacturing get any blame for that?

Many of those haters of manufacturing know that sinners will burn in eternal flame, but they still slip over and hump the neighbor’s wife. Instant gratification vs. long-term consequence.  But, that same sleazeball belongs to the Sierra Club because it’s hep to do so. He is not really worried about the long-term effect on the world’s environment any more than he is about the hell fires. He just wants to be part of the” in” crowd. No matter that all  of this overkill is the core reason we have many of the social problems we have today. The state of Illinois has approved fracking which would create many jobs for the people across the state line from Ferguson. But, the aforementioned governor just can’t get it going.

Coal plants close and utility bills go up for the poor. It is estimated that 10,000 coal miners in this country are now unemployed.   Screw them, that’s what Obama says. Can’t move oil from Canada and North Dakota by pipeline and trains must move it at higher prices. Obama won’t approve the pipeline and is now trying to stop the trains. Higher gasoline prices for the poor, screw them, says Obama.

Black unemployment is at near record highs under Obama. He preaches to us about the injustices of Ferguson. From the golf course.

We pile regulation on regulation and lawsuit on lawsuit when progress is attempted from the local to the state to the national level. Nothing happens. We wonder why.

Fracking happens despite politicians. Businessmen find ways to do business despite politicians. When a rare businessman decides to run for office, like Romney or Rauner, we say no, we’d rather have inexperienced, unethical,  lazy people in those offices, like Quinn and Obama. Meanwhile polls show the country has serious buyer’s remorse about not electing Romney.  Wise up people.

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In February of 2008, I wrote this blog.


Should Style Trump Substance?

DateTuesday, February 5, 2008 at 10:59PM

We had eight years of Bill Clinton with style and no substance. We had eight years of George W. Bush with neither style nor substance. He mumbled and stumbled every time he needed to speak. He never got better. He did Dad’s bidding and finished the job Dad left undone in Iraq. That’s it. No more. He hadn’t insulted us enough, so he tried to lease key ports to Dubai then fired Rumsfield the day after he turned the house and senate over to the Democrats. He increased the size of government raised the deficit and destroyed the dollar. Wow George, that’s quite a job. Wait, on the way out let’s wreck the economy.

Now we have a love affair with Obama. Is it no wonder? The man can speak, he can answer questions,and he can look smooth in the process. This is another credit we can give W. We are so desperate as a county to have someone we can be proud of as president, we don’t even care about experience, credibility, platform, or anything else that pertains to substance. We are willing to put a socialist in as president if he makes good speeches.

Thanks to George, today I believe style does trump substance. We will elect Obama, then try to survive four years while government grows, taxes increase, health care is socialized, business is taxed for the good of illegal aliens, and all those wonderful dreams we had while intoxicated by Obama’s charm are shattered as we see how really ill prepared he is for the job.

I was part of an organization where style trumped substance. It’s gone. A $40 Billion dollar company, gone. All senior people were clones of the main man. None had ever gotten results, just looked good trying. Diversity was more important than meeting profit goals. Excuses were well explained. It’s what happens when glib is God. Better strap it down, the USA may be headed for another four years of not getting anything done.

Now the country suffers from buyer’s remorse. We could have had a president who was an honest man with true business experience who might have worked with Democrats as he did as goverrnor. Instead we got a president who doesn’t work, period. Will our next mistake be to elect our first female persident, just to say we did?
Frankly, we suck at hiring good help in this country.
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A recent poll shows that 61% of Americans think Obama is a liar. The other 39% are lying on their poll response.

I have talked to many friends who have just filed their 2013 income tax returns and it just hit them that they are paying higher taxes to support ObamaCare. It’s just the beginning. One gentleman is a tweener. He’s between his recent retirement and Medicare. His insurance premium doubled and the deductible went up $5,000. His tax rate went up 3%.

I won’t even address the big lie Obama told about his insurance program, you know the one about your doctor, I’ll just look at recent lies. In a speech this week, he said this baby is working.

Let’s see how it’s working. Taxes have gone up for all who pay taxes to cover his great plan. Insurance rates have gone up for all who have not been kicked off their insurance because of Obama Care. Doctors are telling Medicare patients to get a new doctor. Obama won’t tell you how many who signed up aren’t paying. Nor, will he tell you how many were those who were forced off their previous plans and had no option. Nor, how many were the only reason for ObamaCare, they couldn’t get insurance. Or, how many are young people. Need those to balance the books. Oh yes, when the big pieces he delayed, until after the mid-term elections, kick in it will get worse. Corporations will drop health insurance as a benefit, so will small and mid-sized companies, companies will cut to less than 50 full-time employees by lay-offs and switching people to part-time, and there will be more cuts to Medicare. When a liar moves things around illegally before an important election, why does he do that? Of course, he knows his big plan will cost his party votes, that’s the truth.

I can’t count the lies he’s still telling every day.