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Try as you might, my government and the media will not sell me fiction. I consider both as marginally intelligent and completely sold out on ideas that defy common sense. Here are my top examples.

1. Tell me fracking is unsafe and bad for the country every day and I will challenge your facts and find you have none. Have idiots like Matt Damon make thousands of movies like Promised Land and I will consider them propaganda. It is doing more for the US economy than anything in the past 6 years. Without the cheap natural gas and new domestic oil production, and the jobs, tax revenue, royalties, and consumer cost savings our economy would be further in the tank. It beats legalizing marijuana and collecting taxes on a product that can damage lives, which the same people who would ban fracking, endorse.

2. Don’t tell me a pipeline from Canada bringing cheap and secure crude to Gulf Coast refineries is a bad idea. Lisa Jackson quit as the EPA head because Obama will approve this in March or April. The only thing that has changed in a year was an election. No new data, just an election and a resignation.

3. Don’t try to convince me that raising $50 billion in taxes solves a $2 trillion per year deficit problem. That money goes to New York and New Jersey victims of Sandy, which is fine. But, I know the $2 trillion still remains. To infer you’ve fixed anything insults my intelligence. I call it ” hide the problem by deflecting it elsewhere” like demonizing successful Americans.

4.Don’t tell me you can fix Newtown with stricter gun laws. I don’t care if you make assault weapons illegal, but I resent you telling me it was a root cause of Newtown. Especially if your name is Rahn Emmanuel, mayor of Chicago,where there were 500 homicides in 2012, despite strict gun laws. The mayor has a big problem and is trying to deflect his problem. Newtown is complex and I can’t be sold a simple answer by simple politicians and even simpler media people.

5. Don’t tell me illegal immigrants aren’t a drain on the economy. They require billions in public assistance. Votes count as Obama proved, but so do dollars. Dollars we don’t have. A solution that addresses both is needed, but it is unlikely.

6. Don’t tell me problems like the US postal service, Amtrak, Freddie, Fannie, the FHA, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and government growth, salaries, and pensions can’t be fixed. Just tell me you won’t fix them because you will become unelectable. That’s the simple truth. Any business would have addressed them long ago. The difference is simple. In business, if you don’t fix problems you get fired. In government, if you do, you get fired.


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If you are an effective leader you know your greatest asset is the people you hire.  Paul Ryan as Romney’s choice for VP helps me to understand Romney’s leadership style and his success in the private sector.

Joe Biden explains why Obama fails. The humor the media spins on Biden sickens me. No one that incompetent should be next in line to run this country. Plain and simple. For Obama to foist that man on the public as his very best selection to run the country if he can’t, it’s a disgrace.

If Biden isn’t enough, let’s go down the line. How about Holder? In contempt of congress. Do you really believe he isn’t covering up information on Fast and Furious? Did you think it was a good idea to try the Sheik in NYC? Would you have sued Arizona and all the other states he has sued who want ID’s at the polls? He has lost most of his cases. He can’t get the Ft. Hood shooter to court. This is the best attorney general Obama can hire?

Janet Napolitano, the secretary of Homeland Security, started out of the box putting out the memo to the entire law enforcement community that military veterans returning from combat may be terrorists. She has bought all kinds of gear for the TSA that sits in warehouses unused. She blew the underwear bomber mess. She has lawsuits from TSA employees on harassment and unfair promotions. Her credentials for this job. She just about destroyed the Arizona budget, but she was one of the first to come out for Obama as president. Makes sense, same credentials as the president has to be president. No results, just potential. Unfilled potential.

Ray LaHood, secretary of transportation. He’s the guy who jumped on the rapid acceleration issue with Toyota and created recalls  and huge sales losses for the company only to disclose months later that DOT tests could not find one case of mechanical failure. It was all human error.

Or, my favorite, Lisa Jackson, of the EPA. She’s eliminated more jobs faster than Obama can create them with billions of taxpayer dollars. Hey, President Obama, want to know how to reduce unemployment, fire Ms. Jackson.

What do all of these people have in common, they are just like their boss, people who have fed at the pubic trough without private sector experience. Yep, Paul Ryan meets that too, no need to remind me. But, in his case it’s an asset. Romney will need a CFO, someone who understands the numbers and where cuts can be made. Compare that to Biden, who would have to pause to give you his age, then tell me who earns his pay on the VP job.

Holder did spend time in private practice. Defending terrorists. That’s a big plus on the resume.

Based on the Ryan hire, if Romney is president you will see quality people replace all the incompetents Obama has hired. That’s what leaders do. Think back on the clowns who worked for Jimmy Carter. They helped take him down. The Obama clown show is even more laughable.

Think about it. Do you want a circus running this country for four more years with Joe Biden as head clown? Or, would you feel better with people who are more like Paul Ryan, serious and capable?

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Back in 1992, in his speech to the Republican National Convention, Pat Buchanan railed against the “environmental extremists who put birds and rats and insects ahead of families, workers, and jobs.”

Watch this video:



For whom is it painful? The consumers in America who are only being saved from record high electricity prices by cheap natural gas prices. Fracking, which Lisa Jackson also wants to stop. The coal miners who are losing their jobs? The utility workers at coal-fired power plants who are losing their jobs? For the Obama reelection, where coal jobs are being lost, lost votes may be painful to Obama. He has no chance in West Virginia and is losing steam, forgive the pun, in Pennsylvania.

Should one person have this much power? Should Lisa Jackson destroy jobs and close power plants because she believes in wind, solar and the Easter Bunny? Spain believed in those too, and look where that got them.

This is clear example why Obama is toxic to the economy. By regulation without regard to common sense, his cast of clowns slap down business at every level.

The whole business community feels like the coal industry. When is it my turn? When is the next fool, like this guy in the video, going to show up and tell them how to run their business. Then whine about how painful it is to deliver the message. The pain is on the receiving end, not the delivery end.

You want jobs, you want a better economy, you want a good life for your kids and grand kids, then you fire this clown in the video, fire Lisa Jackson, then fire her boss, President Obama. Until we do, this is what we will have.