Media Disrespect for President Trump

May/09/2018 9:22AM
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The New Yorker magazine took it to a new low with this:

Remember this?

Bush-Obama_Rodeo_Masks_2-219x300Can you imagine the outrage if any magazine had published a cover like the New Yorker did with Trump picturing Obama as Dumbo with his big ears?

The left-wing media has crossed the line to no avail. Today the three North Korea hostages are coming home. Brings back the memories of how the Iranian hostage situation cost Jimmy Carter a second term. He botched every aspect of that situation from letting the Shah who had been deposed come here for cancer treatments to two failed rescue attempts resulting in loss of life for brave US military people trying to effect the rescues. They were released the day Reagan was inaugurated. Pundits try to credit Carter with the release just as they will still try to credit Obama for every success Trump gains.

Carter and  Obama are still locked in a bitter race to see who is the worst president in US history and Reagan and Trump are in a similar competition to see who ranks among the best. The media can trash Trump with unacceptable work like that above but with the pubic results count. It wasn’t that long ago that the pundits who produce sleaze like the New Yorker said Trump’s approach to Rocket Man would provoke a war with South Korea now predict a similar war with Iran. See, Obama and Carter listened to the media and Reagan didn’t nor does Trump.

pinting into corner

worst president trophythank you all


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