It’s Going Well with the Iran Nuclear Treaty

May/27/2015 5:09AM
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On 4-2-15, Obama announces the  his framework agreement with Iran.

April 2: Iranian Foreign minister accuses the U.S. of “spin” and says Obama is lying about the terms.

April 12: Saudi Arabia has the biggest increase in defense spending in the world.

April 13: Moscow says it will deliver the S-300 air-defense system to Tehran

April 14: Iran announces agreements with Russia and China to build additional nuclear reactors

April 17: Iran dispatches a convoy of ships to resupply rebels in Yemen. U.S. has to turn convoy back with an aircraft carrier

April 20: Britain tells the U.N. panel that it is aware of an active Iranian nuclear procurement network.

April 22: Saudi’s resume airstrikes in Yemen despite Obama pressure to maintain a cease-fire.

April 28: Iran seizes a flagged cargo ship in the Strait of Hormuz. It is released after they pay a fine(ransom) of $163,000

April 29: Saudis announce plans to develop a nuclear capability that parallels that of Iran. Saudi’s say Obama went behind the backs of traditional allies on the Iranian deal.

May 8: Reuters reports inspectors discovered traces of sarin gas near Damascus. Administration had announced they have solved this issue.

May 11;  Saudi King withdraws from the Arab summit meeting with Obama.

May 13:  Czech Republic blocked an attempted purchase by Iran of a large shipment of technology for nuclear enrichment.

May 14; Iranian patrol boars fire on a Singapore oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz.

May 17: Saudi’s will buy “Off the Shelf” atomic weapons from Pakistan.

May 17: ISIS seizes the City of Ramadi.

You are absolutely correct President Obama this is a fine agreement with a good partner we can trust implicitly. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”.

Remember when the United States of America was respected? What changed?

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