If Bill Clnton Can do Better, so Can America

August/08/2014 5:38AM
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Meet the lady the secret service calls the Energizer. She visits Bill so often most of the secret service know her well. Haven’t we all had enough from this family? Do we need more scandals in the White House? Have we become France or Italy?

Does the Romney family begin to look good to you?

According to The Enquirer, Clinton, 67, has been sneaking trysts with wealthy divorcee Julie Tauber McMahon for years.

President Clinton first met McMahon in 1998 through her father, Michigan millionaire and Democratic Party contributor Joel Tauber, sources tell the magazine.

Though the 54-year-old mother of three has denied having a sexual relationship with Clinton, a family member claimed the rumors were true.

“It became a running joke in the family,” the insider, who passed a polygraph test, told The Enquirer in 2011. “If Clinton traveled to London, we’d learn Julie was also visiting London. When Clinton went to France, we’d discover Julie was also in France.”

“They even slept in Hillary’s bed!” the insider revealed of the Chappaqua, New York neighbors. Though the romance eventually cooled, the family member alleges the affair picked back up again after his daughter Chelsea, 34, got married in 2010.

“They couldn’t stay away from each other,” the insider says.

The Clintons are a trashy lot who will lie, cheat, and behave like trailer trash. Is this really what America needs in 2016, more of this? Isn’t it time we cleaned house from the past and moved on to a better future for our kids and grandkids?

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