Obama Will not Destroy College Athletics

April/04/2014 5:11AM
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The government can destroy education, manufacturing, employment, American dominance in the world, our grandkids’ futures, and everything else we have cherished over generations, but it will fail in the efforts to destroy college sports.

First, the government gave colleges and universities Title Nine. This says that a university must give one scholarship to a female athlete for every one given to a male athlete. Since it has been in effect, many college sports for men have been eliminated at many schools. College wrestling, my sport, is going away at many schools. College hockey has become a club sport at many schools. Because so many scholarships are given for men’s football, and there is no women’s football, they have had to add women’s sports and subtract men’s sports to balance the books. College football, at most schools, finances the women’s scholarships.

Now comes the unions. Best friends of Obama and his fellow democrats, unions see an opportunity to unionize college athletes. This, combined with Title Nine, will kill college sports. It goes to the inequality issue that is the only Obama platform for the rest of his term. It’s wrong for colleges to make millions from the work of student athletes. It’s been OK for couple of hundred years, but no more. It was OK for me. I got some scholarship help to wrestle in college. I was happy to get the help and happy to enjoy my sport.

But, no more. Kids aren’t going to college for scholarships, or so say the experts. They are going to be noticed for futures in pro sports. Really, all one-half of one percent of them who might get that chance?

One of Obama’s hand-picked NLRB people say they must be allowed to join unions. This will eventually reach the Supreme Court. Will it be the law of the land and will college sports be eliminated?

Normally, I would say yes. But, here’s why it won’t happen. If it does, no Democrat will ever be elected again. Simple as that.

College sports cuts across all political lines. All genders and all economic levels.  You can destroy the country, but don’t mess with college sports. This is truly the third rail of America. More so than Social Security.

Rest assured, even this incompetent administration, union-loving as they are, know this.

Sleep well tonight, your favorite teams will be in business much longer than Obama will be in office.

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