Does 25/25 Mean Anything to You?

March/10/2014 5:30AM
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ObamaCare IIWe heard for years, beginning with the first Clinton presidency, about the need to provide insurance for the uninsured. It’s our duty, it’s the government’s job. It was Hillary’s job until she saw that she was about to deep six Bill by trying to do that job, and both of them backed away.

Now we’ve done it with ObamaCare. Finally, we’ve given the uninsured insurance, right? Wrong. A study just published this week shows only 25% of the uninsured have signed up for ObamaCare. If those without insurance wanted it so badly, wouldn’t you think they would enroll in droves? After all, that includes those with pre-existing conditions who can’t get insurance, or couldn’t before ObamaCare.

We dismantled the entire health insurance industry in America for them. Why aren’t they grateful?

The other interesting statistic, just published shows that 25% of the 4 million who have signed up for ObamaCare didn’t pay their first premium. Let’s see, 4 million have signed up, but only 1 million of them were the target audience and 1 million of the 4 million didn’t pay.

Where I spent my working life, had I launched a marketing program to get at 13 million people without insurance and this was the result, I would be seeking employment. Along with the 2-3 million who are projected to quit their jobs because they were only working to have insurance. That 50-65 year old age group who need insurance the most. Yes, the group that probably comprises the other 2 million who have signed up. They are drawing unemployment now as well.

The Obama folks say the 4 million enrollees is a success. How can that be if only 1 million are the uninsured, and 1 million don’t pay and the other 2 million are the high risk group who quit working now that they can get insurance and are drawing unemployment. Or, those who had their insurance cancelled because of ObamaCare before Obama halted the cancellations until after the election. Remember, the little matter of the 20 or so million who will eventually lose their insurance because it doesn’t measure up to the high standards of ObamaCare.

Then there’s the penalties that are due to kick in next month. And, the employee mandates that are delayed until after the election that may result in more unemployment. Or, employers just paying the penalty rather than providing health insurance.

What is working right on ObamaCare, you tell me.


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