A New Spin on ObamaCare

December/06/2013 5:41AM
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It isn’t working on December 1 as promised by the President. But, it’s better. Try this at work. Screw things up so bad everyone is about to get fired, then go in and tell the boss you will have it fixed by December 1st. Then, when it isn’t, go in and tell him it isn’t fixed, but it’s better. It might not be fixed by the deadline for everyone to sign up, December 15th.

When is enough, enough? When is failure called by its rightful name. When is lying, lying? When is incompetence, incompetence? When is one success, killing Osama, not sufficient for 5 years work? When is blaming the world, shirking responsibility? When is destroying the Democratic party, destroying a party?

When is covering up Benghazi, covering up? When is manipulating the IRS to keep conservatives from getting a tax status, manipulation? When is an out of control NSA, out of control? How many secret service scandals do we need to have a secret service scandal? When is a bad employment situation where too many have stopped looking for work, an unemployment problem?

When is too much spending, too much? When is not building a pipeline for political reasons, politics? When is a serial liar a person who can’t be believed?

When is a country without leadership, a leaderless country?

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