Energy Independence in America at Last

November/21/2013 5:15AM
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Every president since Nixon has pledged energy independence for America. Jimmy Carter established the Department of Energy to get that done. The DOE has blown billions in your tax dollars and accomplished nothing. Those presidents who made that pledge, especially the current one, have done everything they can possibly do to keep their pledge from becoming reality.

They have made it nearly impossible to drill on your land. Your land, not theirs, federal land. They have piled regulation on regulation on any form of oil and gas production. They have taxed domestic production to make it less attractive. They have tried their best to keep energy independence from happening. Politicians and liberal media have demonized the oil industry since Teddy Roosevelt’s time.

That very evil industry, the one that will gouge you at every opportunity, made independence happen without a dime of your tax money. Last month, for the first time in decades ,the US produced more crude oil than it imported. The technology developed by the oil companies made that happen. And, made it happen primarily on private land.

Meanwhile, Mexico watches thei oil production dwindle. See, Mexico has the ObamaCare version of an oil industry. Run by the government. A government that has no technology to find and develop replacement oil to replace oil from wells with diminished production.

Still want your government to run health care? Still believe big oil is the bad guy with energy prices? Still buy the propaganda about big oil? Which is worse, big oil that has put an estimated $2,400 dollars per year in savings in every household in America in energy savings, or big government that blows billions with a worthless DOE? We could be Mexico and will be if Obama has his way. He would stop fracking and slow domestic oil production if he could. If asked, he would lie about that, but we know how well he lies, don’t we?

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