Things that are out of Control

May/16/2012 16:37PM
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Here is a brief list of things that are out of control. My list is incomplete, but my observations would be that not much is being done about any of them. But, by God, we will get Roger Clemens for using steroids. And, we will punish JP Morgan Chase for losing their own money that they could afford to lose.

1. Federal government spending
2. State government spending
3. Local government spending
4. College tuition
5. Public employee benefits
6. NCAA football spending(Texas:$133 million a year)
7. Federal government regulations
8. State government regulations
9. Local government regulations
10. Homeowners government regulations
11. Educational score performances
12. Campaign spending
13. Government interference in our lives(TSA, drones to fly over the US, etc.)
14. Special interest influence
15. The ACLU
16. Government dependence
17. Taxes on everything
18. Media bias
19. Student loans
20. Numbers of Obama plans to fix housing(10 and counting)
21. Eric Holder suing everyone(states, sheriffs, etc.)
22. Bad loans to green energy efforts that will fail

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