Rock Snot Regulations

May/02/2011 17:56PM
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I learned a new term today, rock snot. Somehow it immediately made me think of politicians, in general, and Democrats, in particular.

Rock snot occurs when didymo, a slimy algae collects on rocks.

As a boy if used to go down to the creek, after school and sports practices, and trout fish. This was over 50 years ago. I wore waders and had to watch my step because the rocks were slippery. If you fell, your waders could fill with water and you could drown. I never knew until today I was walking on rock snot.

Waders were made more safe than my old rubber soled waders for the safety of fishermen. With felt-soled waders it was harder to slip. On March 21,2011, Maryland became the first state to outlaw felt waders. Vermont followed Maryland on April 1 and Alaska will put a ban in next January 1.

According to these states, the waders trap rock snot spores and transfer them to other areas.

So, now I ask, what happens in Maryland, Vermont, and Alaska when fishermen begin to drown in greater numbers? We kept the rock snot out, but we killed a few people.

The answer, of course, ban fishing.

That’s how it all begins and ends in America today. Some third-generation blue blood who has never worked nor fished, notices algae in the bottom of a stream behind their estate. They get in touch with a scientist who worships global warming and has learned from Al Gore, there’s money in junk science. They go to the media, which now has a collective average IQ of 70, and they buy in. Now, all we need is more rock snot. A politician who sees votes in rock snot.

That’s how manufacturing, oil drilling, progress and jobs have all ended in America. Now it’s fishing’s turn to die. Killed by Rock Snot.

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