Defending the Ryan Medicare Plan

May/28/2011 16:42PM
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Democrats are running an ad showing a man who looks like Paul Ryan shoving an elderly lady in a wheelchair off a cliff. This is to demonstrate what the Ryan plan does to those of us on Medicare. Democrats think we are too dumb to figure this out and Republicans are too dumb to defend it.

Here it is in a nutshell. I’m 69 years old and on medicare. If ObamaCare goes in and there is $500 billion in cuts to medicare I will have worthless insurance. Doctors will not treat me.

If the Ryan plan goes into effect, my medicare is protected. Part of the Ryan plan is to repeal ObamaCare. The money will be there for my lifetime and no one over 55 years of age should worry about their insurance. Nothing will change for them.

People 55 and under will have no insurance if the Democrats do nothing as planned. Medicare will go bankrupt. And, they will watch as everyone over 55 with ObamaCare will not be able to find a doctor to treat them and will be put in the government system to get treatment. Like a lottery.

So, there you have it Republican candidates. How hard was that. Why is it that Paul Ryan and I are the only two people who can explain what this is the best plan for those of us on medicare?

It scares me that all of the Republican candidates for president can’t even interpret the work Paul Ryan has done, let alone do any planning themselves. And, the democrats plan is to do nothing and let it all go broke.

I encourage you to do your own thinking on this since it appears no one will help. If you are under 55 you will get a voucher for $15,000 a year to buy insurance under Ryan. If you stick with the democrats you will get nothing, since medicare will be broke and doctors will have stopped handling medicare patients who are over 65 and they are waiting in line and dying while the government bureaucracy tried to find them a doctor.

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