The First Big Test for the New Congress is a Failure

December/03/2010 16:20PM
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The food safety bill was the first test. It will add jobs, size, control, and cost to government. It will give the FDA much greater powers. It will be bigger government, more regulations, a $1.4 billion a year hit to the deficit, and probably cost jobs in the private sector as the regulations run small businesses out of business. The senate approved it by a vote of 73-25.

It will keep thousands from dying of food-related disease. Really, will it? Supposedly 5,000 Americans died from food-related incidents in the last year. What will the total be when all this kicks in? If it’s significantly less than 5,000 ,someone cooked the books. The biggest problem is purporded to be interdepartmental communications. This will fix that? Can you say Department of Homeland Security? That was to fix the same problem. Firing people who don’t communicate seems more cost effective.

A whole bunch of Republicans voted for this. Almost all Democrats did. Am I missing the message of the last election? Less government, less regulation, less cost, and more freedom. Except, of course, if it’s food safety. Or, whatever the next bill will be.

Just to top it off, they added an ammendment that would eliminate earmarks. That failed by a vote of 39-56. Get the names of those 56 who voted against this. They will be targets to go next time they come up for election.

It didn’t take long did it? Two days. Nice work Washington. Now we have a whole new bunch to vote out next election.

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