Next Tea Party Challenge-Term Limits

November/12/2010 16:23PM
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It’s time for the Tea Party to step up and take on a real issue that the American Public wants done. It’s time to get term limits in Washington.

Voters didn’t just toss out Democrats, they went after incumbents. The American people don’t want to see another Robert Byrd carried out on a stretcher. Or, Strom Thurmond serving 4 years comatose. Too much time in office creates too many problems. The voters have already saved $600M in the last election since Nancy Peloisi won’t be able to fly military aircraft back and forth at a cost of $50M a month. Pelosi is the poster person for term limits.

While working on term limits, the Tea Party can work on benefits for our Congressional employees. We didn’t vote on whether a senator or congressman can get full pension benefits after serving one term. Why not have a 401K like everyone else?

Nor did we vote on their special medical benefits package. They should be on Medicare and Obamacare like everyone else. Nor did we vote on their other benefits and perks.

So far, 34 states are moving in a direction that would create a Constitutional Congress to create new amendments to the Constitution. The Tea Party needs to make this happen.

That new amendment should address term limits, benefits, pay, and perks for representatives and senators.

The pigs have been at the trough too long. They are arrogant because we let them be arrogant. We need to scale the job down to reality. It will run the lawyers out of congress as well as the fortune seekers, crooks, and others who are there for personal benefit. We can replace them with people who want to do the people’s work. Do it for a while and then go back to their real jobs.

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