Another Obama Lecture

May/12/2010 15:44PM
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At the University of Michigan commencement speech, President Obama lectured the students and the country on the rules of civility. In my lifetime, which spans every president back to Roosevelt, I’ve never seen a less civil president. He is in attack mode all the time. So thin skinned, he can stand no criticism without retaliation. No slight goes unanswered. Never have partisan politics been so bad or so brutal as they are under this man. Still, he is so arrogant to tell us words hurt. Tell that to the cop in Cambridge. Or, to the Supreme Court when he dressed them down in the State of the Union message. This speech was arrogant hypocrisy at it’s best.

Fat cats on Wall Street. When your political strategy is to constantly set up straw men to take the pressure off you, you are not civil. You are downright nasty just like Chicago politics have always been. How dare you lecture us on civility?

The commencement season can’t be over soon enough. Next, the President lectures students and the country on technology. In a thinly disguised attack on critics who can get at this president through blogs like this one, he tells us this is a diversion. Not the proper use of information. Since mainstream media treat him with kid gloves, he can only find criticism in channels driven by technology. He really wants Tass. Total control over the message.

Let me interpret these two speeches. In the first, the President knows he is losing the public. He is worried about terrorism. He is setting up the straw man that the lack of civility on the part of everyone but him may cause someone to attack us. He is running out of luck on this one. His incompetent personnel can’t do their jobs to protect us. By planting a seed that it’s our fault if something happens, he is off the hook. Or, so he thinks.

In the second speech, the FCC is trying to gain control over the Internet. They plan to make it a utility despite a court ruling denying them that option. The Internet is the straw man. Wasting people’s time, telling untruths about him, and just not in the best interest of America. This is the foundation to crack down on the Internet.

There is civil war in the Democratic Party. His civil friends, Rahm, Nancy, Harry, and Gibbs, the nastiest crew ever assembled, have put the party into a panic. Basically they are split into two groups, the ones who know they have already lost the next election, thanks to the President, and they are trying to shove through as much social change as they can on the way out the door; and the one’s who are holding out hope for November and they are trying to distance themselves from this president.

This is a one-term president. A terrible mistake who makes Carter look good. Carter was an incompetent prig who made every decision a bad decision. He still wanders around the world making bad decisions. Obama is the epitome of arrogance. He sees himself as competent, but the mirror lies. Obviously, he doesn’t see his shortcomings. If he did, he would lecture himself about civility and read blogs like this to see what 60% of the public now think of him and try to adjust.

There will be more lectures. Obama has lots of flaws. He can make many more speeches blaming us, technology, or God knows what for his problems.

Good luck, Mr. President, you are becoming a bit of a joke.

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